South Africa: E.Cape housing projects receive US$20.3million boost

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South Africa’s Eastern Cape Department of Human Settlements has received a boost of US$ 23 million from National Department of Human Settlements for the development of the project. This is after it reorganized its operations to be service-oriented.

According to the national Department of Human Settlements’s spokesperson Lwandile Sicwetsha, currently there are already 8 966 houses that have been completed and more 3 973 houses are nearing completion.

“The department was allocated a conditional grant budget of R2.1 billion for this year, but due to over performance on site already done, additional funding was needed to complete all the construction work currently underway across the province,” said Sicwetsha.

The department and the province are already treating rural housing development and construction as a priority as per policy priorities for 2014/15 financial year. He also added that the department is continuing to deal with poor performing municipalities and contractors and poor work on low cost houses. The “turnkey contractor” approach is where contractors will be required to deliver projects in complete status.

Demolition was also being undertaken on a 200-housing unit project in Huhudi due to poor work.

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