Gamesa to deliver a 220MW wind power farm in Egypt

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Gamesa is expected to deliver a 220MW wind power farm in Egypt. This comes after the company signed the contract for the project, which will be sited at the Gulf of El Zayt on the Red Sea Coast of Egypt.

The El Zayt wind power project is expected to commence by September this year and begin its operation by the second half of 2017.

According to the contract agreement, the company will be responsible for construction of the civil engineering and electric infrastructure to necessitate the installation of the 110 G80-2.0 MW wind turbines.

The company will also supply, construct, commission, operate and maintain the El Zayt wind power facility for a period of 3 years.

The 110 G80-2.0 MW wind power turbines has been described to be an ideal choice for the desert land since it’s reliable and flexible in adapting and coping with corrosive atmosphere with high temperatures according to Gamesa.

New & Renewable Energy Authority awarded the wind power project to Gamesa through an international request for proposal. The project will receive financial support from the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Egypt is in a bid to increase its power generation to curb power supply problems it has been facing. The country, which is targeting at installing 2.5GW of solar power in the coming two years, has witnessed a number of investments in the power sector in the recent past.

For instance, it has signed agreement with Scatec Solar for construction of 150-200 MW solar power plant and seperate agreements for 3GW utility solar power plants with Canadian based solar company Sky power Global with the help of International Gulf Development (IGD).

German based- Terra sola ventures and Swiss based Terra Nex together with Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) will develop 2GW of solar power energy.