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Construction of four-Star Ferwafa hotel in Rwanda to resume

The construction of the four-star Football Federation hotel in Rwanda worth $5m is set to start next month, according to the Ministry of Sports and Culture and FERWAFA.

The ground-breaking work on the four-storey hotel structure began last August but in February it was stopped by Kigali City Authority due to lack of construction permits.

Sports and Culture Minister, Julienne Uwacu confirmed the resumption of the construction on Friday, after acquiring a proper paperwork. The hotel is being erected on the section of land adjacent to the headquarters of FERWAFA in Remera, previously occupied by Rwanda Police.

She said that, “The issue of the construction permit has been sorted, we expect FERWAFA to receive the permit any time soon. We have been clear on this issue; construction came to a standstill because of lack of a construction permit. We work will resume because we don’t want to run a risk of losing the FIFA grant.”

The Minister refuted claims that stopping the construction was in connection to the arrest of FERWFA secretary general, Olivier Mulidahabi, who is currently remanded over the controversial awarding ofthe contract.

Mr. Vincent Nzamwita, the FERWAFA president could not comment on Mulidahabi’s court case, but stressed that work will begin soon.

The hotel will be constructed in four phases with the first phase including a structure of 40 rooms. FIFA has offered a grant of $2,896,640 towards the project while the other half will be in form of loan.

Once completed, the hotel is will cut on the cost incurred by the Ministry of Sports and Culture (MINISPOC) on national teams during residential training or to offer accommodation for visiting national teams.

FERWAFA will also use the hotel to generate income for various sports activities. The hotel will have 100 rooms with a capacity to host three national teams.




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