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US$3.9 million Water Project in Uganda breaks down

US$3.9 million Water Project in Uganda that was commissioned two months ago at Ntungamo has broken down, leading to an outrage over possible water shortage in the town.

The US$3.9 million Water Project in Uganda, that was funded by the Africa Development Bank under the umbrella of the Lake Victoria Basin Commission of the East African community, was handed over to the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) and the Ntungamo municipality and on May 5.

According to the acting town clerk of the municipality, Mr Shem Semugabe, two of the three boreholes under the project have since broken down. He said the system was constructed poorly but they hope it will be corrected soon.

“We think the system may have been poorly constructed. But we hope this will be rectified soon since the system is now managed by NWSC,” Mr Semugabe said this week.
The two boreholes at Kyamate and Kyanju and playground, have been the main suppliers to the water system.

Additionally, the water system built earlier in 1995 at Kyamate hill constructed has also since broken down. The municipality authorities now say they are planning to dig up a new well from which they can pump water after the original well dried up.

However, National Water and Sewerage Corporation manager for Ntungamo Municipality, Mr Joseph Dembe, has down played fears of a water crisis, saying the system can still supply enough water for the town. He however, expressed worry that should the current drought in the area persist, the problem might get out of hand unless the system is fixed in time.

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation and the Ministry of Water and Environment are doing a feasibility study on possibilities of pumping water from River Kagera to supply residents of Mbarara town. Water in Africa is a major challenge with several countries grappling to avail the precious commodity to their citizens.


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