Fire Protection Association of Southern Africa announces competition

Fire Protection Association of Southern Africa announces competition

Fire Protection Association of Southern Africa will once again include a separate category for designated staff members (e.g. Fire Marshals, etc.) representing any company or department that does not have a fire team.

The Fire Marshals will participate in each of four separate events that include:
A written assessment;
A DCP extinguisher drill;
A CO2 extinguisher drill; and
A hose reel drill.

This competition will run concurrently with the Fire Team competition which will include 5 members competing in the large diameter hose drill and extinguisher drills.

The Fire Team entry is for 5 team members and 2 company representatives whilst the Fire Marshal entry will be for 1 competitor.

The entrance fee, which includes lunch, refreshments and complimentary gifts for participants, company representatives and additional guests, will be:

Per Fire Team Members: R 5,500.00
Non-Members: R 6,600.00
Per Fire Marshal Members: R 880.00
Non-members: R 1056.00
Per Additional Guest: R 440.00

All Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

Twenty (20) Fire Teams and Thirty (30) Fire Marshals shall be accommodated and entries will be accepted on a “first come, first serve” basis.

Rules, additional information and Fire Marshal Information Packs will be sent on receipt of the completed Entry Form. Please complete the attached form and return it to our offices by 01 August 2017.

Fire Fighting Competition Form: email & and they will assist asap.

NB: Your entry will only be confirmed once full payment has been received.