Residents protest against Ikeja DISCOs estimated bills

Residents of Oshodi and Mafokulu community have taken to the street to protest over Electricity troubles which include abnormal estimated bills, unjustified disconnection of electricity and collection of illegal and illegitimate charges by the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company.


Mr. Monday Alfred who is the chairman of Oshodi Articulate Residence had complaints about the billing which has been going on for three years now. This is even after officially reporting the issue several times to the IKEDC head office.

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According to Mr. Alfred, they have been clamoring for prepaid meters for more than three years now. Furthermore IKEDC promised them that they will give them the prepaid meters of which they have not seen uptill now.

Akinmuye Adewu who is the spokesperson of the Oshodi Articulate Residence states that the protests will put an end to the abnormal bills from the IKEDC. According to the residents they see this as a means to illicitly extort money from them.

He also adds that after their complaints to their head office they were to be free to pay gradually till they correct it. However the bills keep going higher.

According to him they started experiencing the overbilling issue when the new Manager Mr. Ore Oluwa was transferred to Oshodi.  Hon. Femi Mustafa the councilor of Shogunle ward also commented on their efforts to see that the right thing is done.

The councilor urged them to make the demonstration peaceful and promised to deliver their complaints to the Chairman. Additionally he promised to try his best to ensure the chairman treats the matter judiciously.


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