Orange Farm, Johannesburg gets new US $7.6m reservoir

Orange Farm reservoir during construction

The City of Johannesburg has completed the construction of a US $7.6m reservoir in Orange Farm. The reservoir will ensure an increased water storage capacity from 9to 27 hours. It will also serve to reduce disruptions in water supply to high-lying areas of the region.

City of Johannesburg MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Services Councillor Nico de Jager said that residents of Orange Farm, Stretford and Lakeside in the south of the city no longer have to endure long water interruptions. In the meantime Joburg Water is working on the infrastructure following the construction of a multi-million-rand reservoir in the area.

The 33.5 megalitre concrete reservoir will henceforth supplement water supply to the Orange Farm South Water District.

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Employment opportunities

Joburg Water MD Ntshavheni Mukwevho further added that construction of the second Orange Farm reservoir provided black contractors with a substantial portion of the work. As such, sixty-four skilled professionals gained employment. An additional 14 semi-skilled laborers from around Orange Farm and its surroundings also got work.

This had resulted in two Orange Farm residents being absorbed by the reservoir’s main contractor Murray & Roberts as part of its incubator program to be trained as general construction foremen with the possibility of working for the contractor on a full-time basis.


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