Zambia allocates US $700m for Kalungwishi hydropower plant project

The Zambian government has allocated US $700m for the development of Kalungwishi hydropower plant in the Northern Province by the private sector this year. According to Finance Minister Felix Mutati, the plant is going to connect the province to Tanzania once operational.

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“There are two key projects in the energy sector that are going to happen here in the Northern Province. The first one is Kalungwishi hydropower plant with an investment of about US $700m by the private sector, creating immense opportunities not only for jobs but also adding to the stability and security of the power generation,” he said.

Kalungwishi hydropower plant links to Tanzania

Mutati said the project would be an inter-connector from Kasama to Nakonde which will connect the Northern power system to Tanzania. He highlighted that the project has the potential to create opportunities for more taxes if investments were placed in the area.

He further added that they want to bring in investors this year, both local and international to share opportunities. According to the minister, investors have assured government that the project will commence in August this year.

He was speaking at the 2018 national budget sensitization meeting and the launch of the Citizens National Budget in Mbala at the weekend.


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