Tanzania’s Tanga Port set for expansion

Tanzania's Tanga Port set for expansion

Tanzania government has instructed the Tanzania Port Authority (TPA) management to ensure that Tanga port operations are revived in order to enable bigger shipping vessels to dock in bid to ensure to make the port East and Central African countries port hub.

According to Percival Salama, Tanga Port Manager, the geological survey of sea sand and soil has started after the Authority signed a 4 month contract with the Tanzanian based BICO Engineering to conduct the survey on the expansion of the port.

“We signed a 4 month contract with the University of Dar es salaam BICO Engineering to conduct a geological survey in the berths area of Tanga port from April-August 2018. However, the work will be completed in July this year,” said Percival Salama.

“After the initial work of surveying is completed, the second phase, which will involve deepening of the dock from the current 3.5 to 5 m to 11 m will start as soon as possible,” he added.

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Mr Salama  said that by the year 2020 the port will be able to accommodate bigger vessels without problems. He furthe added that the port targets to serve the Tanzanian northern regions of Tanga, Kilimanjaro, Arusha and Manyara as well as Mara, Singida, Dodoma and Shinyanga.

About Tanga Port

Tanga Port is the second largest port in Tanzania. Tanga is both the name of the most northerly port city of Tanzania on the west of the Indian Ocean, and the surrounding Tanga Region. It is the Regional Headquarters of the region. With a population of 273,332 in 2012, Tanga is one of the largest cities in the country. It is a quiet city compared to, for example, Arusha or Moshi with a comparable number of inhabitants.

The harbour and surrounding is the centre of life in Tanga. It is stretched out several km² into the country. It has several markets in several neighborhoods.


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