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Final tests to be done on world’s largest solar plant in Morocco

Morocco is set to undertake the final tests on the Noor Ouarzazate III which is the world’s largest solar plant following the first synchronization of the 150MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP).

According to SENER, the Spanish engineering company which is responsible for the plant’s conceptual, basic and detail engineering, construction of the power plant is in the final stages and the last phase will commence by end year.

The solar plant which is estimated to have a capacity of 580 MW, was developed in collaboration with Moroccan companies and once in operation, it will enable the plant to reach a gross production of 150 MW and 7.5 hours of heat storage and provide electricity for 1.1 million people in the country.

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Noor Ouarzazate III

Noor Ouarzazate III is composed of a solar field of 7,400 heliostats HE54 from the company’s highly accurate tracking system known as ‘solar tracker’. The plant is equipped with a molten salt storage system that allows it to keep producing electricity 7.5 hours without solar radiation and guarantees the dispatch ability of the power plant. Along with all these key components, SENER has fully developed the integrated control system of the receiver and solar field.

The plant represents a critical step in the Moroccan Solar Energy Program, which aims to generate 42 percent of its electrical power from renewable energy by 2020, and 52 percent by 2030.

Second unit designed and built by SENER

This plant is the second unit designed and built by SENER using its own central receiver tower and molten salt heat storage technology, and one of the first ones in the world to apply this configuration on a commercial scale. The high performance of this technology – the molten salt reaches higher temperatures than other CSP technologies, which maximizes thermodynamic efficiency – allows to manage the solar energy in absence of solar radiation and respond to the grid’s demand. This is a unique characteristic of CSP that radically changes the role of renewable sources in the global power supply.

Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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