Egypt to commence construction of Mohamed Salah Museum

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The government of Egypt has announced starting construction work of the planned museum to honour Egyptian football star Mohamed Salah at the Gezira Youth Center.

Minister of Youth and Sports, Ashraf Sobhy who confirmed the reports said the ministry aims the museum  dubbed ‘Mohamed Salah Sports Centre’, would open its doors for visitors before the African Cup of Nations hosted by Egypt in June.

“Salah became a role model for many young people and an honorable figure representing Egypt abroad and deserves this honour. The surprise that I was preparing for Salah is the construction of a museum bearing his name at the Gezira Youth Centre in Cairo,” Soby said earlier. “Salah is delivering outstanding performances with both Liverpool and the national team. All Egyptians are proud of his achievements.,” said Ashraf Sobhy.

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Mohamed Salah Museum

The Minister further pointed out that two global companies are bidding for the implementation of the museum. The ministry will assess the technical and financial bids of both companies to choose the winning company.

“After assessing the presentations, the ministry of youth and sports will evaluate the technical and financial bids of the two companies in order to choose the winning company.” said Mr. Sophy

Moreover, the Ministry of Sports in cooperation with Salah’s father began collecting all the palyer’s belongings and pictures since the beginning of his career to be exhibited at the museum. The ministry also agreed with several sculptors to make a statue of the player. Salah is expected to open the museum in the presence of the Minister of Sports and a number of sports figures as soon as it is completed. 



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