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Installation of footbridges on Kenya’s Thika Highway to be competed in two months

Installation of pedestrian footbridges along Thika Highway is set to be completed in the next two months according to The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) Director-General Peter Mundinia.

KeNHA says two footbridges to be installed on Thika Highway will arrive this month as they had opted to have the bridges welded in China, therefore, delaying the scheduled completion date of June 2019. “The other two footbridges will arrive in the next two months, and once they are in the country, the installation will be done immediately,” said Mundinia.

Exact points of installation

The footbridges which are aimed at reducing pedestrian accidents on the busy highway will be installed at Garden Estate Junction, Survey of Kenya, Mang’u area and Witeithie. “Footbridges for Mang’u area and Witeithie will arrive later this month while the rest will arrive in about two months and we will install them immediately,” he added.

Construction works to install the four footbridges started in March 2019, bringing the total footbridges along the route to 18. KeNHA selected Interways Works Limited and Fourways Construction Limited to spearhead the project.

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Removal of speed bumps

Once completed, speed bumps will be removed on the road to allow free-flowing of traffic in compliance with a court order issued by the High Court of Kenya particularly highlighting bumps at the Survey of Kenya, Kenya Breweries and Homeland along Thika Road.

Fourway Construction Limited was tasked to install the footbridges at Survey of Kenya and Garden City at a total cost of US $3.1m while Interways Works Limited is to work on the Mang’u and Witeithie footbridges at a cost of US $4.1m. However, the project has been questioned severally by citizens citing delays, considering the proposal for the same was first made in 2017.


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