The ACO Group: world market leaders in drainage technology

The ACO Group: world market leaders in drainage technology

The ACO Group is one of the world market leaders in drainage technology. Climate change brings them face to face with challenges to respond to new environmental influences by developing innovative solutions. With its integrated approach, ACO stands for professional drainage, economical cleaning, and the controlled release and reuse of water.

They do this by processing polymer concrete, stainless steel, plastic, cast iron and reinforced concrete. Because they make their products in environmentally-compatible processes, and use them creatively, ACO products satisfy up-and-coming demands for technical innovation, economical application, and sustainable construction.

Benefits of ACO products

While seeking to buy such products, ACO advises that increasingly extreme weather must be counteracted by more complex and sophisticated drainage concepts. ACO achieves this with intelligent system solutions which have a dual purpose: protecting people from water, and water from people.

Every ACO product within the ACO system chain therefore safely controls the water as it passes along the chain to ensure that it can be ecologically and economically reused in a viable way.

ACO is an international German drainage company with 30 production sites in places like Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Russia, USA and China. Today, ACO has independent firms in 41 countries on 4 continents.

They run their own production sites in 13 countries, including South Africa. Regardless of national differences, they put the ACO brand with its good image, quality claims and core competency at the heart of their marketing activities. An international culture is the hallmark of the ACO Group, which fosters a creative balance between the family-based roots and its cosmopolitan approach.


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