The greatest impacts of the coronavirus

What do you think is the biggest impact of Corona crisis for the industry in the coming days

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The corona pandemic has affected the global economy and the constructionindsutry both locally and internationalally is no exception.

Project commencement and completion dates have been disrupted and costs and availability of labor and material has become erratic with the effects of lockdowns and a slowing of production levels.

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  1. In order to revitalise the economy one industry that could generate thousands of job opportunities is that of infrastructure development and maintenance. However the government has neither the competence or skills to launch and manage the funding and allocation of such works at any of its disparate levels I.e. from local authority to regional and central government. Corruption, incompetence and maladministration would again become the norm.

  2. The supply chain of products has been affected due to shipping delays and alternative markets have increased prices as they are aware of the current demand vs supply impact.


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