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2 schools to be constructed in Kiwaba Nzoje, Angola as part of PIIM

2 schools are set to be constructed and equipped in Kiwaba Nzoje, Angola as part of the Integrated Plan of Intervention in Municipalities (PIIM). The other projects include the installation of 12 water systems and earthworks on 63km of road.

Construction of the schools which is expected to cost US $164,560, will be done in the headquarters of the Mufuma commune. They are expected to accommodate 690 students of the 1st or 2nd cycle of the secondary education.

According to the commune administrator Alexandre Sampaio, more than 500 children are out of the education system this year, not because of lack of schools, but due to the dispersion of the population in several villages of the region. “Efforts are being made to bring families together to facilitate the provision of this and other social services,” said the administrator.

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The 12 water systems under PIIM

Installation of the 12 water systems which are expected to cost US $23,131 each, will be done in several localities of Mufuma commune and Kiwaba Nzoje headquarters. The systems are expected to benefit about 5,000 inhabitants.


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