Construction begins on Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project by dominion.

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The Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project backlash is being observed onshore in Virginia Beach because Dominion Energy starts the onshore construction of its Coatsal Virginia Offshore Wind project. This momentous change is the starting point of a transformational path that foresees a total overhaul of the regional energy scenario.

This week, crews started the job of fell trees along Holland Road, launching the onshore construction activities. Based on Carrie Rose Pace, Senior Communications Specialist of Dominion Energy, this part of the project is important in laying the foundation for the construction of new transmission lines.

Significance of the project

These lines will act as OHLs to connect offshore energy generated by the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project with the local grid. The offshore wind turbines possessing of electricity capacity enough for powers of about 660,000 houses in the region of Hampton Roads are an option for the ecofriendly and sustainable source of energy for the community.

Beside the work going along Holland Road, Dominion Energy’s crews has also started some since close to Naval Auxiliary Landing Field Fentress in Chesapeake. It encompasses the construction of gravel access roads and the implementation of erosion controls and protective measures in wetlands areas. The detail oriented processes related to the implementation of these events show Dominion Energy’s dedication to environmental stewardship and responsible building practices.

Ok, with the intention of minimizing disruption around the Spring wildlife, Dominion envisages to finish the tree-felling by mid-April. This timeline coincides with the start of pup/young season of an endangered bat species native to the area. Dominion demonstrates proactively care for the environment is engrained in its commitment to local biodiversity and habitat integrity preservation.

Commencement date

Moving forward, offshore construction is expected to start in late Spring, milestone in the project schedule. This covers the assembly of 176 wind turbines 27 miles away from Virginia Beach coastline besides three offshore substations, undersea cables, and new onshore transmission lines. These parts altogether create the spine of a contemporary, effective, and environmentally sound energy system.

The Dominion Energy has carried out a detailed noise analysis alongside with offshore construction operation to determine the possible affect of the project to perimeter. The findings of this study suggest that the sound levels produced by construction activities are below ambient sound levels along the property line, relieving one of the concerns regarding noise pollution.

To promote transparency and community participation, Dominion Energy has regularly been engaging directly with local residents via open houses and direct communication. Residents are called upon to give input and be updated on any development that happens via a web based platform. This community-inclusive approach shows Dominion’s attachment to transparency, accountability, and engagement with the community.

In a nutshell, the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project is a milestone undertaking that has the potential to usher in a brighter, more sustainable future for Virginia Beach and the surrounding area. While Dominion Energy is pressing on with its onshore and offshore construction projects, the company reaffirms its dedication to environmental responsibility, community participation, and the provision of clean, renewable energy solutions.

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