Plans Unveiled for the 75-Mile Mirror Line Skyscraper In Saudi Arabia

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Plans for the Mirror Line skyscraper, stretching a distance of 74 miles across the desert, were recently unveiled by Saudi Arabia. The project is expected to house up to 5 million individuals.

The Mirror Line skyscraper will come at a projected cost of $1 trillion. Made of mirrored glass, the state-of-the-art skyscraper is expected to be taller compared to the Empire State Building. The project will be part of the Neom city, located in Saudi’s desert.

Saudi Arabia Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, said that the Mirror Line skyscraper is an initiative that comes with a civilizational revolution which puts the people first.

The Mirror Line skyscraper completion dates

According to the project’s engineers, the project could take 50 years to finish, which is contrary to the prince’s wishes of seeing it complete in 2030. 

The prince further claimed that the complex will facilitate the interactions of a million residents. People will be able to move from one end to the other in just 20 minutes. The skyscraper will be powered by renewable energy sources. 

What the project will feature

It will be made up of two 1,600 feet tall structures, which will run parallel to the other one across the desert, mountain landscapes and coastal line. A high-speed train will also run underneath the building.  

A rendered image of the Mirror Line skyscraper project in Saudi Arabia

The Mirror Line skyscraper will be built on struts due to its length; this will allow it to take the earth’s curvature into account. It will also feature a marina for sea vessels. 

The buildings will also have a silver shine as well as an intricate inside, containing stair wells, greenery and homes to generate a linear community. The facility’s residents will pay a subscription for three meals daily. 

It will also contain a sports stadium with a height of 1000 feet, carbon neutral buildings for the local environment.

It is said that planners are having a challenge of predicting whether individuals would consider living in a high-rise complex after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Looming environmental impacts that could be caused by the Mirror Line skyscraper

They are also looking for the best way to deal with the building impacting the migrations of birds and animals. The structure could also affect the flow of the groundwater. 

According to the environmental planners, the size and the length of the Mirror Line skyscraper could possibly disrupt the patterns of migration for birds.

The project is slated for a 2030 completion date, far from what was initially expected. This leaves the builders as well as urban planners to seek solutions for lots of questions and controversies.

The progress of the project is also facing criticism for human rights. Some communities were forcefully evicted from their homes to pave way for its establishment. Furthermore, there have been questions as to whether the project is too ambitious, especially when plans to build a mile high desert skyscraper were abandoned due to difficulties in funding. 

The project’s source of funding

It is said that the project’s execution is being financed by the income generated from high oil prices. The Mirror Line skyscraper project, according to Prince Salman’s vision, will generate thousands of new jobs for Saudi Arabians. As a result, the country will stop relying on oil as a wealth resource.

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