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Reports from the CEO of NEOM Green Hydrogen Co have been announced on the progress of the world’s largest hydrogen plant. The plant will be located in Oxagon, in the NEOM region of Saudi Arabia. According to Wesam Al-Ghamdi, the project is advancing significantly and is still on schedule for planned completion. He expressed that he still aims for notable construction progress this year.

Operations on the site are expected to begin in 2026. So far, the company has received initial supplies and is now focusing on installation. They are, however, still expecting more deliveries later this year. What’s more, it was disclosed that basic construction works were completed last year hence they are able to receive key supplies at the site. Last year, in November, the world’s largest hydrogen plant received its first six wind turbines delivery at the Port of NEOM.

Production scope

The world’s largest hydrogen plant, which will also be carbon-free, is expected to produce 600 tonnes of carbon-free hydrogen daily. Moreover, 1.2 million tonnes of green ammonia will be produced yearly. NEOM will have a special pier for shipping the hydrogen as ammonia directly from its site. Up to 5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide has been aimed to be offset annually. The CEO of NEOM Green Hydrogen has proudly stated that the project is the only fully funded project. He pointed out that many green hydrogen projects worldwide are only in the early stages of planning. Further, he emphasized how this financial backing shows confidence in the project’s economic value and its goal of creating the biggest hydrogen plant globally.

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The World’s Largest Hydrogen Plant Team

NEOM Green Hydrogen Co is working together with ACWA Power, Air Products, and NEOM on this project. Air Products, notably, has an exclusive deal with NEOM to purchase all their green hydrogen output for export over the next 30 years. Funding from this deal significantly helped the project. In alignment with their green initiatives, Saudi Arabia aims to lead globally in hydrogen production and exports. The goal is to produce 4 million tons of clean hydrogen annually by 2030.

NEOM Green Hydrogen Company secures $8.4bn financing from 23 banks -  Construction Week Online

Total Investment Value

At a total investment value of US$8.4 billion, the CEO noted that the emerging green hydrogen sector offers significant global opportunities. NEOM Green Hydrogen seeks to highlight these prospects by demonstrating the economic viability of large-scale green hydrogen generation and its potential for rapid expansion. Clean hydrogen is increasingly regarded as an important answer to climate change. As governments aspire for carbon neutrality, clean hydrogen is projected to play a critical role in hastening the transition to greener energy and industries by offering the sole practical method of removing carbon on a big scale.

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“As an energy transition leader and Saudi national champion, ACWA Power is proud to support and facilitate the successful financial close of this iconic green hydrogen project, marking our continued commitment alongside our partners, to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. We have a proven track record of leveraging innovative solutions and advanced technology to deliver clean, sustainable power at the lowest cost,” said Mohammad Abunayyan, the chairman at ACWA Power.