Tanzania’s 3.5 Trillion Tanzania’s Modern Industrial Park Project on Course

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Currently under construction, Tanzania’s Modern Industrial Park project, sitting on 1077 acres of land, is expected to set up 202 factories. The factories built will generate at least 30,000 job vacancies which the youth are expected to benefit from.

The industrial project is split into 210 plots. The industries will occupy 202 plots, with two power stations, three community services, two commercial areas, a dry port as well as a road network.

The project’s location

The Modern Industrial Park project site is situated at Kikongo and Disunyara, in Mlandizi District of Kibaha in the country’s coastal region. 

Dr. Ashatu Kijaji, The Minister of Industry and Trade, who visited the project, claimed that Tanzania opted to go with the fourth revolution. She said that the country is focusing on industrial development. This is because they are looking to build their economy in a number of aspects.

According to her, the National Development vision, which will be ending in 2025, designates that the region should have industries that are capable of providing job opportunities for a large number of people.

Dr. Kijaji further said that they have joined efforts to make sure that these objectives are achieved. She also lauded Tanzania’s President Samia Suluhu Hassan for accepting the fact that the country’s economic future will be driven by the private sector.

Who is making the investment?

Kakama Company of Dar es Salaam collaborated with the Government of Tanzania to execute Tanzania’s Modern Industrial Park project.

She also congratulated Kakama Company for its willingness to make the investment in the country. Dr. Kijaji claimed that the objective is to see the nation’s economy sustained by the private sector.

The Government of Tanzania, according to her, is willing to cooperate so that the investment’s objectives can be attained. Millions of young people graduating from various institutions will be catered for by the project. It will generate job opportunities which are expected to benefit them.  

A rendered image showing the Modern Industrial Park

Eng Charles Bilinga, Tanzania’s Modern Industrial Park project’s Executive Director, also claimed that at least 200,000 open vacancies will result from the undertaking, according to the initial estimates. These jobs are expected to benefit those living in surrounding areas.

He said that the project will also contribute to the national income. This will be through taxing production related items like goods and raw materials. 

The cost of establishing the Tanzania’s Modern Industrial Park project

Currently, 35 billion Tanzanian shillings have been spent in the project. This is just a fraction of the initial 3.5 trillion Tanzanian shillings set aside for the whole project’s execution.

The project, according to him, commenced in October 2021. It began with the construction of the park’s main entrance and a fence around the entire industrial zone. The fence covered a distance of around 9 kilometers to ensure the facility is safe. The preliminary works also involved the establishment of an administration block, a police station, an office block as well as firemen dwelling. They also included the construction of a power station with 54 MW along with a clinic. 

Tumaini Kabengula, the project’s Finance and Marketing Officer, on his part claimed that currently there are 10 contracts for the plots purchased to build industries. He said three investors had already commenced initial stages of construction. According to him, five more who have inked the contract are set to commence construction soon. There are 24 other plots signing contracts that are pending.

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