The Kubuqi Desert Solar Farm: The World’s Largest Desert Solar Power Plant

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The Kubuqi desert is situated in Inner Mongolia, China, and measures approximately 18,600 square kilometers in size. Otherwise known for its rocky and arid terrain, it was largely desert like and suffered from severe heat and very low rainfall. Today, however, we find a complete opposite of the sad situation in the Kubuqi Desert, hosting the largest photovoltaic power base in the world, the Kubuqi Desert Solar Farm.

The process of revitalization of the Kubuqi Desert was initiated by under the leadership of Mr. Wang Wenbiao, the Chairman of the Elion Resources Group. The objective was clear: to transform the desert into one of the most productive sources of green energy in an attempt to combat two vicious evils that are climate change and desertification. This vision crystallized into an unprecedented initiative in terms of building the largest photovoltaic power base in the world.

Project overview

Construction was initiated by a large scale mobilisation of man and material, comprising thousands of workers and engineers. The scope of the project was great; that meant that each step had to be well thought out and put into practice. For many years, tens of millions of solar panels were manufactured and deployed over thousands of square kilometers of the desert. This gargantuan project is estimated to cost about $1. 5 billion, is a clear statement to the further advancement of sustainable energy.

The photovoltaic panels deployed at the Kubuqi solar farm are among the most efficient and durable available in the marketplace. These panels are photo voltaic in nature and they directly convert sunlight into electricity that is then fed into a rather complex grid. Sophisticated inverters and controls allow for consistency and optimal flow of the generated power. The constructions have the potential of generating 2 GW, enough to supply hundreds of thousands of homes with power.

In addition to producing electricity, the project has influenced the local environment at a deeper level. Through this way the solar panels act like shades thus helping in controlling the temperature of the soil which in turn promotes plant growth because of reduced rates of evaporation. This greenification process has helped to prevent desertification by enhancing the count of living organisms and the climate in the area.

Desert greening

For the past 27 years, Elion Resources Group has been combating desertification on the Kubuqi Desert but the approach has been gradual. These people have been able to transform over 6000 square kilometer of desert lands into greenlands.

The local community also gains tremendous economic and social benefits from the Kubuqi photovoltaic power base. This has brought about a positive impact on employment where the project has brought about thousand employment and created economic value. There are also positive social impacts such as improvements to roads and other parts of infrastructure which have beneficiary surrounding people.

The achievement of the Kubuqi’s solar farm has gone beyond merely engineering achievement. It also acts as a reference of other similar project across the globe as a testament of how the renewable energy projects can thrive even in areas with low or adverse conditions. It has resulted in Copycat operations globally, which have a positive impact on encouraging the adoption of renewable energy and lowering carbon footprint.


The biggest photovoltaic power base established in the Kubuqi desert demonstrates what ambition, when backed by willpower, can accomplish. It reminds one that the best solutions to the prevailing global problems are hidden somewhere within perceived black sheep. This is just the start of a better, cleaner and a greener world for all people living on this earth.

The Kubuqi solar farm remains a symbol of hope and meaningful development that will serve as an example that with initiative and dedication, humanity will be capable of transforming the solar energy into a source that will improve the lives of our descendants. For details and the updates on the project, visit the official website of the project in question.

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