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North China has successfully completed the production of the World’s Longest Wind Turbines Blades at 131 meters. The successful production has been done in Bayannur, North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, according to local authorities.  The turbine blades rolled off assembly line earlier this week at the Sany Renewable Energy in Bayannur zero carbon smart industrial park. The installation of the turbines is expected to be done in large megawatt wind turbine units. The turbines once installed will be responsible for boosting wind power generation capacity and efficiency. The world’s longest wind turbines exhibit excellent stability and durability. This challenges the limits of manufacturing materials in terms of stiffness and strength. It also challenges driving innovation in modern manufacturing technology. The wind turbine blades have already undergone full-size testing as well as component testing. The project is an ambitious transition from traditional to intelligent manufacturing as portrayed by Sany Renewable Energy.

The Significance of the World’s Longest Wind Turbines

The world’s longest turbines from Sany Renewables Energy will ensure that there is enhanced product precision through digitization technology. The massive blades will also use recyclable polyurethane structural components as part of its main components. This will improve recyclability while facilitating in the achievement of mass production. The zero carbon smart industrial park covers a total area of approximately 36 hectares with an investment of about $138.3 million. In the year 2023, the park produced over 400 wind turbine blades. This achieved an output value that totaled to 260 million yuan.

Other Large-scale Wind Renewable Energy Projects in China

Capable of powering the whole of Norway, Chazhou, a city in Guangdong province hosts China’s 43.3GW facility in the Taiwan Strait. The project features a 10 km long wind farm that will feature thousands of powerful wind turbines. Because of the windy location, these turbines will be able to run between 43 per cent and 49 per cent of the time.Once completed, the wind farm will eclipse the world’s current largest wind farm. The title is currently held by the Jiuquan Wind Power base in China. The site contains a 20 gigawatt capacity. Work on the project is expected to commence mid 2020’s, most probably before 2025.

The Current Affairs Regarding the Wind Project

Generally, China is satisfied with the progress it has made so far in the construction of its onshore and offshore wind farm projects. At the end of the year 2021, the world’s total onshore and offshore wind power capacity exceeded 830 GW. China accounts for more than half of this. In the year 2021, China was responsible for approximately 70% of newly installed wind energy capacity while United States accounted at 14% and Brazil at 7%. As of the year 2022, China rose to becime the world’s largest wind power equipment manufacturing base. The largest domestic wind turbine manufacturer in China is Goldwind that is located in Xinjiang province.

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