How is Intel’s $20B Ohio One Chip Plant: On Track or Derailed?

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It now more than two years since Intel Corporation announced, the $20 billion Ohio One Chip plant, in Central Ohio. This investment is the largest ever made by a company in Ohio’s history.

What’s happening with Intel’s $20 billion Ohio One chip plant, is the project still on Track or Derailed?

So much has taken place since that time. Here is updates on Intel’s $20 Billion Ohio One chip plant project.

Ohio One Chip Plant Project overview

Intel announced on January 21, 2022, that they have chosen the New Albany International Business Parks in Licking County as the site, for a chip manufacturing project. This project will involve the construction of two factories and is estimated to cost, over $20 billion.

Opening dates for the two Intel factories 

The opening dates, for the two Intel factories are set for 2025 although a specific date has not been announced yet.

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When did construction start on Ohio One Chip Plant?

In July 2022 the initial construction work began on Ohio One chip plant, which involved preparing the site for utility connections. A ground-breaking ceremony was held in September of that year and it had the honor of President Joe Biden’s presence.

What happened in first year?

In its first year, Intel primarily concentrated on getting the site ready. This involved tasks, like leveling the land and excavating utility trenches. In total, around 1.7 million cubic yards of earth, aggregate, lime, and other materials were moved by excavators.

Construction on the complex began to progress as workers started pouring concrete in May. The initial foundation pour, which covered an area of 2.5 million feet came after months of underground utility work.

To commemorate the year since the Intel announcement of the Ohio plant, the company unveiled a set of visuals depicting the envisioned appearance of the campus upon completion. They also revealed the name, of this project; Ohio One.

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How many job opportunities will Intel’s Ohio One Chip plant create?

Intel plans to hire 3,000 individuals, in New Albany while also creating around 7,000 construction positions during the development phase. Moreover, the company anticipates that this project will result in tens of thousands of job opportunities through suppliers collaborating with Intel and other businesses providing housing, amenities, and various services to support its workforce.

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What will Intel Produce in its Ohio One chip plant?

Intel plans to manufacture advanced semiconductor chips at its established facility. These chips play a role, in electronic devices enabling advancements across a wide range of technologies, including data centers and smartwatches.

New Albany will manufacture chips, for both manufacturers and Intel’s brands as part of their updated strategy. These factories in Licking County mark the facilities of this kind, in the United States in four decades.

Intel is also enlarging its facilities, in Arizona and New Mexico as part of their strategy to bring back microchip production to the United States and decrease dependency, on chips manufactured in overseas facilities.

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Potential Challenges

The Intel’s Ohio One Chip plant project could potentially present challenges as Central Ohio deals with a housing crisis. Additionally, there are concerns, among residents regarding the effects of the site and schools are preparing for significant growth in enrolment.

The Johnstown Monroe district, which has 1,700 students aims to limit enrolment to 4,600. Is already making preparations, for the future replacement of its high school.

Other Developments

Last week Columbus State Community College introduced a program focused on semiconductors aiming to provide expedited education, in industry-relevant skills.

In 2023, New Albany built over 10 miles of new roads to support the project
In 2023, New Albany built over 10 miles of new roads to support the project

Support for Intel’s Ohio One chip plant

To support the Ohio One project significant infrastructure investments have been necessary, due to its location. The city of New Albany took the initiative in 2023 by constructing, over 10 miles of roads.

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