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This is a strong contrast to the college degrees, which give immediate access to job openings. In addition, there are many jobs in the list of Highest-Paid Positions in Construction careers that require different kinds enlightenment or even long-term apprenticeships. On the contrary, there are many capable people who will take this as an opportunity to tap into their own potential and start a successful career in construction.

1. Construction Manager


Supervisors of construction look after the most difficult task in planning, implementing the budget and the overall supervision tasks during the whole implementation process. They are under job sites, found commonly in field offices. Such way improves their ability to track the ongoing project tasks and make local decisions. Construction managers to be good organizers to ensure smooth running and building site, as well as the team of other laborers who operate there.

Are construction managers paid uniformly or not? In May 2021, this position commanded an hourly wage of $98,890. The highest-paid 10 percent of earners took home even more: $163K.

2. Elevator Installer


Elevators are necessary devices for the people with disabilities who would in such a buildings need to gain access to some higher places. Elevator installers take a look at blueprints of the systems to see how they would fit in to the building’s framework. They also hook-up connections between electrical components and troubleshoot new installments if the equipments are defective. As with many construction occupations, these tradespeople underpin their work through apprenticeship courses like theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The March 2019 May median annual for elevator installers and repairers was $97,860. The most abundant group, who earned between $47, 840 and $74, 000, were comparable in this regard. The highest earners exceeded that number, by far, earning more than $130,940.



3. Architect


Architectural plans precede most of the building works. Before any foundation is dug or any walls are framed, first the builders get the blueprint for the building. They create the new buildings; from houses to office complexes by consulting with engineers and giving recommendations for proper checks to be done. Although architects usually hold a bachelor’s degree in architecture, they still enroll in internships where they are exposed to a myriad of roles.


According to the 2021 statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics architects take into account, $80,180 is a yearly mean wage. The latest employee compensation in the field of sales is over $129,980 which is as drawn up May 2021.



4. Estimator


Contrary to popular opinion, cost estimators tend to a very key position. They are good sources you can use wherever you require facts for any building or construction projects. Estimators must be prepared to work making a good estimate of a project’s costs, work scope, and magnitude. They determine all factors in the financial side that incorporate labor works, materials and the necessary equipment.



In the specific field of construction, we can notice that Cost estimators are the top-paying job position with $76,450, however, that can change relying on such factors as credentials, experience and location. The top of the price estimator scales earned more for the May 2021 month, it is the last date before the BLS collected data for that year. The highest earners of this group the Bureau of Labor Statistics took home over $115,690.

Highest-Paid Positions in Construction

5. Boilermaker

An important role of a boilermaker is that they construct, install, and maintain apparatus like the large boilers that can hold pressurized, liquids or gases. Generally, boilermakers read blueprints and according to the written directives they are placed inside of structure where they should do the work. At the same time, they are responsible for upkeep and maintenance of air tightness in these ships. Buildings are the main consumers of the energy produced in boilers. Naturally, boilers are not only used for power or heat supply, but also can be utilized in the process of chemical storage.

Boiling mechanics regularly will pass through an apprentice program to master their craft. After successful completion of 4-years training, medical residents may be licensed. According to the 2019 Labor Statistics of the US, Boilermakers earned a median yearly income of $64,290. According to the latest data, the top earnings in this group as of May 2021 stared at about $100,240.

6. Building Inspector

Inspectors of building are responsible for inspecting the federal buildings and the erected establishments to guarantee the conformity with the code of building. They usually hold state licenses to affirm their legitimacy. Applying instruction: Generate a summarized paragraph based on the information provided. Instruction: Describe the challenges faced by banks in the digital age and discuss their efforts to adapt and thrive. One of the major challenges faced by banks in the digital age is competition from new disruptive players. These nimble startups pose a threat as they offer traditional banking services such The main duty of a building inspector is to scrutinize the building plans and he/she shall affirm they meet requirements. During the construction process, they go out for inspection/judgment to find out if all is in order and issue the required warning notices if violations have been established.

Building’ and construction’ inspectors median wage was $61,640 in May 2021. At the same time the next bottom 10 percent: $50,000. The range of salaries is determined by the applicant`s academic training, employer, and experience level.

A symphony of building cranes is building over the new spaces of a cities.

7. Plumber

The function of the plumbers and the pipe fitters is to lay piping and others elements of plumping systems which make freshwater and wastewater circulation possible in any building. An apprenticeship, in which journeymen pass on their experience on to craftsmen, is the most common method of training for plumbers. It encompasses both practical skills and technical knowledge.


Plumbers can work in a variety of locations including governments establishments and production agencies. The July 2021 data show that the annual median wage for all plumbers, pipe fitters and steamfitters was $59,880. The best-paid salary for superstars in these sports was almost a hundred thousand dollars per annum.


8. Brick Mason

Brick masons build structures with bricks, mortar, and prepared stones. The employment is often dedicated to exterior work. Masons are similar to other construction workers because they can interpret the plan and calculate the necessary materials. They do that by cutting or sawing them to the required size and transport them by the help of mortar or grout. They evenly spread these materials at the joints which contributes to complete piece of art work.

As an example, May 2021 had registered a median annual wage of $59,340 for bricklayers and block masons. The median wage for the highest-paid masonry employees equaled to more than $55,531.

9. Electrician


The power and control engineers as well as the electrical contractors are the ones who put in the the wiring system, the control and the lighting systems in buildings that are intended for dwellings and offices . There should be only lower building limits. Apart from the prevailing situation involving most electricians at least getting high school diplomas, most states, however, require a licensed to conduct electricity work.

Median pay for electricians who are working at construction sites is reportedly having the value of $58,760 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Besides, in the same report generated the highest earners in all subfield (not only journey workers) was $99,800.

10. Safety Officer

Safety is one of the non-negotiable: on any construction site. OSHA(Occupational Health and Safety) Inspectors do the work of making sure that all the construction workers follow these regulations on a site to maintain the safety procedures.

They train workers on hazards and go through inspection of equipment regularly to avoid any breakdown issues.

Construction safety officers get an annual salary that varies between $57,039 and $82,810, according to 2020 data. The salary amount is usually affected by a few criteria like the location, education and more certificates explaining the extra responsibility that safety officers have.

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