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Axel Christiernsson put up its first grease plant in Sweden to address the industry’s need for special lubricants that can withstand the cold climate. As the company celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2013, the same passion for functionality and innovation guides Europe’s leading producer of lubricating grease.
“We have something for almost any application,” says Johan Stureson, managing director and CEO. “Our research and development arm can make new formulations for clients to meet virtually any application requirements.”
AXEL’s creation of a patented polymer-based thickener system has set it apart from most other suppliers using lithium-based greases based on technology from 1943. This innovative polymer-based grease outperforms lithium-based greases eightfold in laboratory tests and in real applications.
“We’ve got the physics, while everybody else looks at the chemistry,” says Graham Gow, business development manager. “If you look only at the chemistry, you will never unlock a product’s full potential.” Each product from AXEL carries its clients’ own brand name. Catering to the world’s leading oil companies, the independent company offers a full range from standard lubricants to biodegradable products, ISO 21469-certified food-grade, or H1 and other specialty greases – all supplied under a private label.
After the successful establishment of manufacturing operations in the United States, AXEL is eyeing rest of the world.
Africa. “We are considering Africa as a way of both promoting sales of specialty products and developing a context to learn more about the market,” says Teo Laine, group sales manager. To this end, AXEL welcomes distributors from the region who can deliver sales under their own brands and help build a knowledge base for Africa.
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