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Bijonsan is a company based in Turkey and was founded in 1993 to give service to the construction sector as a scaffolding and formwork accessory producer and has since become the sector leader.

Due to an increasing demand of their products from their customers, the company moved to new premises adding more machinery to the company‘s inventory.

Since they comply with international standards and high technology, Bijonsan’s products are not only preferred by domestic scaffolding and formwork builders but they are also exported to countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia and have became an important part of the international market in a short span of time.

Asaf Çakır the Foreign Trade Manager at Bijonsan says that their products are suitable for use all over the world and they can be found in African countries like Tunisia and Algeria.

Bijonsan El Aletleri LTD. STI.
Asaf Çakır
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