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ANTARIS small wind turbines are manufactured for system-parallel operation networks, heating support, as well as battery charging and insular systems. They also deliver accessories for small block heating stations within a performance scale up to 20.0 kW and for small wind turbines, according to the Savonius and Darrieux Principle.

As a result of the robust design the ANTARIS is also suitable for exposed wind sites, optionally with various rotor diameters (2.35 – 6.50 m). The manually laminated rotor blades benefit from a computer-designed aerodynamic profile.

Needless to say, each blade is dynamically and statically balanced and has an identification number and documentation. To facilitate easy installation they set the focus on enabling fast setup and manual installation of the turbine. Due to the robust design the ANTARIS is extremely efficient and for the base installation has a very attractive price. Here, special attention should be put on the excellent starting behaviour, which at a wind velocity below 2.8 m/sec. operates at a very low noise (43 – 49 dB). This means that the system can also be set up in housing areas.

Grid-connected operation requires the Smart! Wind and Power One inverter with characteristics matched to the ANTARIS and local wind conditions. The grid-connected inverters feature an according declaration of conformity and are registered for the grid-feed-in mode, the ENS are already integrated!

If the ANTARIS is used in heating applications a control cabinet with control electronics is used for the optimum wind characteristic management in conjunction to a heating rod with 6000 Watt!

In the coming years, the company expects an export share of about 60 percent and a gradual increase. In June 2015, they will install ANTARIS 6.5 kW grid connected in Mtwara, Tanzania.


BRAUN Windturbinen GmbH

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