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CUALIMETAL, S.A.U. is an engineering company specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of all types of metal warehouses, made-to-measure, modular, prefabricate besides other sectors such as covers, facades or safety lines for industrial buildings. Our buildings have a huge range of purposes: agriculture warehouses, logistics warehouses, warehouses for Large Exhibitions (Trade Fairs) or showrooms, workshops, offices, airports, gas&oil, solar plants, etc.

Our modular premises ECORAPID®, MECARAPID® and PLENAVE® are prefabricated buildings with a design based on the original construction systems that has been patented and registered exclusively by our company. They are made of bolted light structures (with galvanized coating) allowing a fast and easy assembly. Besides, they require minimum foundations and can be dismantled and relocated in an optimum way. All our solutions are studied and designed for all kinds of snow loads, wind and seism in accordance with local regulations.

We have more than 20 years of experience in this sector combining knowledge and dynamism to offer the most effective solutions to our national and international customers (Equatorial Guinea, Mauritania, Mozambique, Congo, DR Congo, Morocco, Indonesia, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Paraguay, Venezuela, Uruguay, Chile, Cuba).

According to our experience, modular construction is the future and our systems are optimum to help the companies to develop their business with the best price and qualities. CUALIMETAL, S.A.U. fast and easy systems allow the possibility of carrying out the assembly process with local teams without the presence of experts from the company.



Mr Carlos Borao
Export Manager
[email protected]

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