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Ekolet products have been on sale since 1991 with contented users in numerous countries. A well-known international rating agency has given Ekolet Ltd. the highest possible creditworthiness category- AAA – which is reached only by a far percent of all companies.

Ekolet has composting toilet models for holiday homes and for year around use. The toilets can be used either in the outhouse or indoors. The toilets don’t need any water or additives to function although water can be used. They are odorless, require no chemicals or additives, and do not need sewerage; the outhouse models don’t even need any electricity and the inside models only scarcely.

The Ekolet composting toilets make efficient use of nature’s own methods to compost toilet and kitchen waste (including paper) into odorless and valuable fertilizer. Ingenious filtering and air ventilation solution clean the liquid waste biologically and a significant proportion of the phosphorus in the urine is retained in the solid waste.

In the four-sector models the ready composted soil can be given directly for the plants, no need for any after-composting. The biologically cleansed liquid that comes out from the unit can be led directly to the plants.

In the one sector, Happy-Loo model, the solid waste needs after-composting. The tank containing the pre-composted solid waste is pulled out to the emptying location to be after-composted for a few years. The seepage liquid that comes out from the unit will be retained and diluted for irrigation.

According to experts in the company, In Scandinavian countries, in the countryside, the use of composting toilets have increased significantly because they are eco-friendly, easy to install and use and cost effective.

Africa has huge sanitation problem and if it wants to be solved fast, eco-friendly and cost effective, composting toilet is the right solution. Big advantages of composting toilets are also that they don’t waste water and as an end result they give fertilizer so that the valuable nutrients and phosphorus return back to the nature.

The company has sold to Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania.



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