Exclusive interview with Nizamettin YESIL, Export Manager of Soprema Group

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1. In which countries can your products be found in Africa?

Present and active on the African market for more than 50 years, SOPREMA demonstrates a real expertise on the whole continent through the realization of thousands of projects. With our three subsidiaries located in Algeria (1990), Morocco (2009) and Senegal (2014), we want to be closer to our markets and better answer the needs of our customers. In a development approach, SOPREMA is studying the opening of new distribution subsidiaries.

2. Have your products been used in any large projects in Africa in the recent past?

SOPREMA teams have worked on a multitude of major projects. These projects have
approached different issues in their own way and led our teams to make use of SOPREMA’s
professionalism and methodology.

Here are some of the major projects we have been working on the African continent:

  • with our SOPRALENE® or ELASTOPHENE® bituminous SBS waterproofing
    membrane : the international Algiers Airport or Oran- Ahmed Ben Bella Airport in
    Oran/ALGERIA, the Mosque Hassan II in Casablanca /MOROCCO, the Media Project
    City in Cairo/ EGYPT, the Bank of Central African States in Yaounde / CAMEROON or
    in Bangui / CENTRAL AFRICA REPUBLIC, the international Yaounde-Nsimalen
    Airport in Yaounde / CAMEROON, the Hospital and Health Center in Timbuktu/MALI,
    the Port Louis: Medcor Building in MAURITIUS, the Supreme Court in Abuja /
    NIGERIA, water tanks in Deo Lavco / RWANDA, the Central Bank of West African
    States in Abidjan / IVORY COAST, the Air base hangar in Okba Ben Naffaa / LYBIA
  • with our ANTIROCK P ® bituminous SBS membrane specially designed for
    bridges : Dakar ring road bridge in Dakar / SENEGAL
  • with our FLAGON® synthetic (PVC or TPO) waterproofing membranes : the Mall
    of Sousse in Sousse / TUNISIA
  • with our ALSAN® liquid waterproofing : the 5 th of July Stadium in Algiers / ALGERIA

3. Which are the best concrete waterproofing systems for Africa currently?

SOPREMA proposes through its products various solutions for concrete waterproofing. The
choice of the product is determined according to the needs of the customer, here are some of the most effective systems regarding the waterproofing of concrete within the African continent:

SOPRALAST® 50 TV ALU White is a waterproofing membrane used as a topcoat. It includes
the Cool Roof technology, thanks to its high reflectivity and high Solar Reflectance Index,
this waterproofing membrane developed by Soprema helps to prevent from urban heat
islands by reducing the roof temperature and to save energy by decreasing the use of air
conditioning inside the building. For example, this membrane was used during the construction of the Grand Theater of Rabat in Morocco.

For adhesive membranes, the SOPRASTICK® SI combines simplicity of use and resistance to cracking. This product was used during the construction of the CFC Tower in Casablanca, it is the first adhesive layer on thermal insulation EFIGREEN® ALU +, whose mechanical strength and low weight make it one of the most efficient insulation of market.

ALSAN® 500 is one of our solutions for liquid waterproofing. This resin is suitable for concrete roofs (even those with complex shapes) and can withstand temperature differences and UV direct exposure, making it suitable for the African climate.

In addition, its wide choice of colors has made the ALSAN® 500 a reference in terms of
aesthetics. Its counterpart, the ALSAN FLASHING, is used on all the classic upstands and
applies also in case of difficulties for their execution or critical details subject to high risk of
leakages, ensuring a sustainable and efficient waterproofing of them.

For garden terraces and green terraces, Sopralene® Flam JARDIN is a high-performance
waterproofing membrane designed to resist root penetration. This product is particularly used in tropical areas where the flora is very invasive.

Finally, SOPRAKOTE and EMUFAL are SOPREMA solutions developed for the waterproofing
of walls, foundations or for the preparation of surfaces. This product is certified solvent free and does not become fluid at high temperatures.

4. What are the important factors to consider when applying these systems?

Some basic factors must be verified before applying waterproofing systems: – Is there insulation needed or not? – Support? – Accessibility of the roof – Slope of the supporting element – Weather conditions – Method of implementation – Fire regulation – Technical approval – Guarantee

5. Any other information you would like to share?

Specialized in the issues related to export, normative and constructive but also administrative, logistical and customs, the Soprema International department will accompany you throughout your project, from the study to the implementation. We offer you : – Technical study of the project – Technical advice and prescription – Logistics optimization – Sales support and technical assistance through the training school – Launch of application in the construction site / field training & monitoring thanks to technical supervisors – Research and development at work to adapt solutions to the constraints and requirements of local markets. With SOPREMA you are under cover!

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