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The Dubai World Islands Project
The Dubai World Islands Project

Helios Energy Europe SL  is a Spanish manufacturer of 60 cell PV modules, all of them with 3 Bus Bar power conductivity technologies and can be of typology HEE215M, for Monocrystalline or HEE210U for Multicrystalline. Both with textured glass or pyramidal glass and color combinations White or Black (combination Full Black both Monocrystalline module, but it is also possible to manufacture inMulticrystalline typology). They also manufacturer a 60 cells BIPV modules for rooftop or wall integration. Their power range for mono is from 250 up to 265 watts and for poli 245 up to 255 watts.

The optoelectronic HELIENE modules are manufactured with textured glass or pyramidal glass. The textured glass helps to get a higher diffuse light attraction resulting in a photovoltaic module capable of reaching its full production with less difficulty and hence offering best performance.

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The pyramidal glass has been developed to further enhance the PV efficiency gain. The deep pyramidal structure increases the efficiency of the PV module by 3 percent annually. This efficiency gain can reach 10 percent for solar light with 70° incident angle. The antireflection performance increases with the angle of light, being highest in the first few hours of sun in the morning and during late sun light hours in the evening.

In the same way it improves the reduction of the light reflected from the outside (air-glass interface) and the internal trapping of the light reflected from the solar cells in the module.

All of these reasons make the pyramidal glass the most efficient glass for the PV modules.

Sofía Cárdenas from the Marketing and Communication Department says that they would like to introduce their products to the African market.


Helios Energy Europe, S.L.

Sofía Cárdenas

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