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Heritage Building Systems has been manufacturing custom-designed steel buildings and mini storage units since 1979. They offer an extensive variety of custom-designed metal building kits for a multitude of end-use applications such as: office buildings, barns, arenas, workshops, garages, mini storage, churches, warehouses and more. These are just a few of the options Heritage has to offer.

Heritage is part of the NCI Group family of companies, which has a reputation as one of the largest integrated manufacturers and marketers of metal coil coating, metal building components and metal building systems in North America. They offer high-quality products, and are renowned for their exceptional clients. Their unparalleled customer service means one can rest assured they will be there every step of the way, from design to delivery.


For 35 years, they have built a solid background in the construction industry, and noticed the demand for prefabricated metal buildings was on the rise. They have given their customers the ability to order a steel building kit, built to their custom specifications, and have it shipped to their door.

Their metal building experts are dedicated to giving their professional services with personal attention, also their project consultants’ work with their clients to design the building they need at an affordable price. Their training and product knowledge helps clients identify potential problems, lower the cost and increase the value of the project. Their products are found in Egypt and Nigeria. They are looking for General Contractors and Erectors to build relationships with as they look forward to offering the best customer service in the industry on every building, whether it’s the first or the 50th building someone has purchased from them.


Steph Edington, Marketing & Brand Manager advises potential customers to make sure they understand what they are getting from the building manufacturer, investigate the particulars of any estimates received to make sure one does not purchase a structure that may fail if not designed properly.

Edington also commented on the emerging trends regarding the product that, more people are realizing that while the price of manufacturing and delivering steel structures may be greater than that of a similar size building made of other materials, the larger initial investment is still cost efficiency in terms of the decreased cost of upkeep and the longevity of steel over wood or other options.






Heritage Building Systems


Steph Edington

Marketing & Brand Manager

[email protected]


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