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Isoltech was one of the first companies to present in the Italian market foaming agents and machines to produce cellular concrete, which started to spread in the early 1970s.

Thanks to the many years of experience of its employees and a solid know-how in applications for construction, today Isoltech is an efficient, reliable partner for under layers of cellular concrete, companies, design engineers, producers of building blocks and prefabricators who need equipments, technologies and start up, for cellular concrete production.

Cellular concrete answers to all these needs precisely because of its properties: Simplicity of composition, excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation and lightweight specific gravity, simplicity of production and pumping, eco compatibility and cost-effectiveness.

The versatility of the specific gravity makes cellular concrete used in two macro applications, in function of its specific weight which determines its compressive strength.

Different applications determine different compromise between density and compressive strength:

1- Cement-water-foam (from 170kg/m3 to 500kg/m3)

-screeds: it is used especially as lightweight underlayers and thermal economic insulator, placed as smooth and uniform leveling of pipes and as support of the traditional screed, which reduced thickness and weight and it increases sound insulation at trampling, cutting price and time of production; sloping roofs, roadbeds and fillings.

2- Sand, cement, water, foam ( from 500kg/m3 to 1600kg/m3)

– Blocks which can be interlocked in different dimension according to the mould; ISOLTECH 3C anti seismic blocks represent the biggest news not only thanks to its material, but also for:

a. The method of production, for which they aren’t necessary impressive plants;

b. Anti seismic result, for the system of installation of the wall in the yard. The upper and lower faces of the blocks are shaped in “male-female” to allow simple, fast, and accurate joint. In addition, the cylindrical cavities of the blocks properly armed and filled with mortar, permit to create an armed net inside the masonry with the help of “U” blocks with channel for the horizontal reinforcement and “L” blocks with which you can arm the concrete slab.

Isoltech is a company composed by engineers with 40 years of experience solely focused on personally start up the technology of cellular concrete. A material with already a history but also of absolute actuality and future, as built in compliance with European regulations means using materials that respond positively especially in energy saving and environmental sustainability.

Isoltech says that their products are available in African countries like Kenya, Botswana, Tunisia, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and Algeria. Thay are also seeking for distributors in Africa.

Isoltech Srl
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