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JCB BROADCROWN delivers critical standby power to UK hospital

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JCB Broadcrown has completed a significant design, manufacture and installation project, to deliver 4,500kVA of critical power supply back-up generators to the recently constructed St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London. Six bespoke generator sets have been installed as part of the 10 year, £1.1bn, Barts Health NHS Trust project, which is being delivered by a consortium led by main contractor Skanska UK Plc.

The project includes the construction of two new hospitals on the existing sites of St Bartholomew’s in the City of London and The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. These modern health facilities deliver new levels of functionality and energy efficiency, bringing state of the art healthcare to the community and contributing to on-going urban regeneration in the area.

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Working with the client, JCB Broadcrown has specified, manufactured and installed six bespoke generator sets at St Bartholomew’s, over the three phases of the construction project. The contract, worth more than £2 million, comprises of six synchronised Cummins-powered stand-by generators can instantly deliver up to 4,500kVA of potentially life saving electrical power when required.

Graham Ashley, Construction Director at Skanska said: “You choose a strategic partner for a high profile project such as St Bart’s with great care to be able to deliver a project to the highest standard.

“JCB Broadcrown provides dedicated resource with the best technical expertise and we were confident that the business would be effective at delivering this critical contract. Everything from design to installation is carried out by their competent engineers. Even the most complex aspects of this installation where undertaken successfully.”

Paul Aitken, Global Projects Director at JCB Broadcrown, said: “Following the acquisition of Broadcrown by JCB, this project signalled the start of JCB Broadcrown supporting and supplying critical power requirements.

“Working with a world renowned Tier 1 contractor Skanska refurbishing critical life support equipment in St Bartholomew’s presented JCB Broadcrown with the opportunity to demonstrate 40 years of experience and knowledge of power delivery and generation.”

As part of the installation service, JCB Broadcrown’s engineers have commissioned the generators and load banked the completed installation to prove their operation. An incredible 2km of electrical cable has been laid throughout the hospital as part of the project, along with purpose-built coolant, engine oil and fuel lines.

Working with Skanska, a series of specially-designed air ducts has been incorporated into the building’s structure to allow the generator sets to perform to their optimum capacity. Stainless steel exhaust pipework was also installed prior to the arrival of the generator sets, while the generator room itself is a bespoke design, to optimise the working space for other hospital functions.

With more than 40 years of experience of providing dedicated power generation solutions, JCB Broadcrown offers a diverse portfolio of products and services to deliver premium power to a wide range of industry sectors.

Working in partnership with clients and contractors, the company’s in-house teams provide full contract management, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and training for bespoke power provision, particularly in critical supply situations such as hospitals, banks, data centres and other power sensitive industries.

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