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Lino Sella World-manufacture and dealer of concrete mixers, mortar processing machines and other building equipment?s

Established way back in 1963, Lino Sella World is a manufacturing company based in Italy and focuses on the research, development, production, and sales & services of concrete mixers, mortar processing machines, and other construction equipment’s e.g. stackers and vibrators.

The company’s concrete mixers range from portable to traditional, silenced, canned and towable concrete mixers, hydraulic reversing and hydraulic concrete mixers with bowl overturning, and special concrete mixers. Its mortar processing machines, which include trowel machines and plaster sprayers, stand out for their high quality and user-friendliness that allow operators to easily facilitate and improve the quality of plaster application and wall finishing operations.

On the other hand, Lino Sella building equipment’s are designed in a way that their weight and dimensions can allow them to be inserted between the loaded concrete mixers making them suitable for completing unused spaces on the container or truck while guaranteeing ease of loading and unloading and at the same time reducing any additional transport costs. Needless to say, they have the same identical characteristics of high quality, duration, and reliability just as Lino Sella concrete mixers.

In addition to its outstanding products, the company offers utility services, shipment services, spare parts, and product maintenance services.

Lino Sella offers its products worldwide either directly or through its wide range of distributors and agents. In Africa, Lino Sella products and services have been employed in the construction of universities, hospitals, bridges, etc. in countries such as Senegal, Namibia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Egypt, Algeria, and South Africa among others.

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  1. 1. Do you have a distribution office in Republic of South Africa or somewhere in Southern Africa?

    2. Do you also sell USED equipment?


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