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Manufacturers of the Apiezon range, M&I Materials Limited is dedicated to producing Specialist Materials for Industry and Science and is the driving force behind a portfolio of successful brands including APIEZON®, METROSIL®, MIDEL® and WOLFMET®.

M&I Materials Limited is an international business with offices in the UK, India and China and customers located in 60+ countries around the globe. They are an independently owned, financially strong organisation with a track record of steady growth. Since going into private ownership they have more than tripled their turnover in ten years.

They operate through a team of professional and friendly business development managers who are ably assisted by a worldwide network of distributors and an excellent customer service team. Their customers also have the benefit of exceptionally high levels of technical support from a group of multilingual product experts.

Their range of products includes:

Hydrocarbon Vacuum Greases

At M&I Materials we manufacture 7 different hydrocarbon high vacuum greases, each one formulated for use in different temperature ranges

PFPE Vacuum Grease

PFPE 501 is a chemically inert, high temperature and extreme pressure lubricant.

Vacuum Oils
Apiezon AP201 Vapour Booster Pump Fluid is respected around the globe for its superior quality and stability.
Waxes & Q Compound
The Apiezon range of waxes features three products including the popular Apiezon Wax W, also known as ‘Black Wax’. All three waxes in the Apiezon range can be used as permanent or semi permanent vacuum sealants or mounting media. Apiezon Wax W is also a perfect etch resist.

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