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MiNeco House focuses on construction of low cost/affordable housing ranging from residential housing, commercial buildings anywhere in Kenya. They have achieved this through interlocking blocks and innovative building technology.

Their house prices exclude cost of land; they build on the client’s land. They have three types of houses depending on the type of finishes:

Standard house. Ceramic tiles floor finishes, IT₅ box profile roof cover, basic wardrobes and kitchen worktops.

Deluxe house. Ceramic tiles floor finishes, stone coat roof cover, luxurious wardrobes and kitchen worktops.

Custom house. These greatly depend on clients’ choice and taste. A client picks one of the house designs and dictates the finishes. In this option, MiNeco has: the cheapest functional house with very basic finishes like cement screed on all floors, cloth rails, kitchen sink and GI corrugated sheet. Luxurious house with very high end finishes like wooden parquet on all floors, luxurious wardrobes, imported kitchen and clay tile roof cover.

Bio-Digester. Their package also includes a sewer disposal system that anaerobically digests the sewer waste and kitchen refuse to produce cooking gas.

MiNeco are guided by core principles which are: Minimal cost of construction ensuring quality and standard, Eco-friendly materials and construction methods, minimal space usage with sufficient space requirement.

Since its establishment in 2010 with an objective of developing a cost effective building system for the developing world, close to 100 people have been employed in Kenya in the construction, training in block making, office administration, building materials supply and property development.

Their building system is used in over 10 counties in Kenya. They have also built many buildings countrywide using the interlocking block building system, ranging from low cost dwellings to multi-storey luxury houses, schools, churches, mass housing developments and offices.

MiNeco House Building system is preferred because of its many benefits which include: Environmental friendliness, attractive face-brick finishes which features natural colours from the building sites. They also offer training countrywide in block production and building methods on site with all the technical assistance needed and wherever needed.

• What are the specific products and services that you offer

Hollow Interlocking concrete blocks

Concrete Waffles

Domestic Biodigester system• What are the specific brand names and their country of origin

Stumbelbloc-South Africa

Hydaform-South Africa

• Which are the agencies that your company holds for international brands


·What are the strongest selling points for your products and services that customers should be aware of




• Are your products available in the country only or in the region as well?

Localised in the country only.

• What trends do you see emerging in the future as regards the industry and your sector specifically

Pre-engineered / modular building system defines the future of construction industry

·  What are the major business challenges and obstacles to  growth in the construction industry

Stigma in adopting modern innovative technology.

• What are the key issues that a potential customer should look out for when making a purchase

Client budget-Cost

Construction period

Level of finishes

Locally available building materials

• Do you have any related articles you may have written and would like us to publish?



Mineco House
Tel: 0202587905.
Cell: +254 737362241

Whatsapp: +254732326768

Email: [email protected]

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/minecohouse

Google+: https://google+/minecohouse

Website: www.minecohouse.com

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  1. Good afternoon
    I am interested with your product. I have a two bedroom house design and planning to start January 2020.
    Do you use one’s design?
    How much is the project?
    Plot location Kikuyu.
    You should also upload the latest houses that you have done.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi your products sounds affordable.

    How much would it cost to build a three bedrooms house in Namanga?

    Looking forward to your reply soon.

    kind regards

  3. Hi,
    Really interested with your products,
    How much would it cost to build a three bedroom house in Isiolo.

  4. Hi
    I am interested in your products.
    How much would it cost to build a 3 bedroom house in Kisumu

  5. Good morning Mineco,
    I am interested in your products.
    How much would it cost to build a 4 bedroom house in Eldoret?
    What payment arrangement options do I have if I were to use your services?
    Best regards

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