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M&J Bricktiles has been producing world class Bricktile products since January 1994 in Midrand situated on the outskirts of the economic powerhouse Johannesburg.

The company has been exporting successfully to North America, South America, Japan, Europe, Far East, Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. M&J Bricktiles manufactures Bricktiles from clay fired face bricks which are produced from the unique clay deposit colours found in South Africa.

M&J Bricktiles are cut to a thickness of 9mm and the tile measures 220mm x 70mm. The Bricktiles are subjected to a strict quality control before leaving the factory for the export market. The Bricktiles are packaged 50 tiles to a cardboard box, which when laid with the correct grouting gap offers approximately 1sqm coverage. Packaging can be customised for the client.

M&J Bricktiles offers to assist and train clients on various application techniques. M&J Bricktiles can be applied to any structurally sound surface for example asbestos, dry walling, painted materials, cinder and cement blocks, metal, brick plaster as well as timber and all mortared surfaces.

M&J Bricktiles can be applied to any place where a face brick finish is desired. These include shopping centres, office buildings, residential houses and new building externally or internally.
M&J Bricktiles tiles if applied correctly will last the lifetime of the building.

The Bricktiles are made entirely in South Africa. M&J Bricktiles are cut from high quality fired clay bricks using a high speed diamond cutting process. This is the key to the company’s production of consistent high quality Bricktiles. M&J Bricktiles offers a world class warranty.

According to Glenys Wolmarans from M&J Bricktiles (Pty) Ltd, the company’s products are exported to Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Gabon, Malawi, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Namibia and Angola. They are used to create an attractive quality cladding that is both weatherproof and maintenance free for life.
Wolmarans added that, Clay fired facebricktiles will continue to increase in demand for various reasons – offers maintenance free for life, offers permanent aesthetic beauty for life and holds a lot of prestige and status in Africa.

M&J Bricktiles (Pty) Ltd
Glenys Wolmarans
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