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Pelican is the global leader in design and manufacture of both high-performance case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems, due to more than 35 years’ experience in the research, development and manufacturing of a wide range of premium products. Pelican’s products are used by professionals in the most demanding markets including fire-fighters, police, construction, defence, aerospace, entertainment, industrial and consumer, and are designed and built to last a lifetime.

9480 Remote Area Lighting System (RALS)

To provide convenient and ecologically responsible alternatives to wasteful generator powered lights Pelican Products has introduced the Pelican™ 9480 Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS). This system is self-contained with a quick release, rechargeable and swappable power supply. Highlights:

Up to 4,000 lumens (calculated)

Up to 28 hours of run time3 pre-set light levels

Remote operation via Bluetooth® App (iPhone® only)

Pelican 1460 Tool Case

The Pelican 1460 Tool Case is an ultra-resistant case that includes adjustable and removable tray dividers for easy customization, it is ideal to carry all kinds of tools and for the construction market, since this case is shock-proof, impact-proof, watertight and dustproof.


The 0450 Mobile Tool Chest built by Pelican Products specifically for the USA military as the GMTK (General Mechanics Tool Kit) is now available for the construction and industry use.

The 0450’s structural grade, open-cell core, polymer construction will protect tools from the harshest conditions on Earth. With the ability to hold up to 45 kg, the 0450 case has been tested to meet and exceed 96 demanding military standards that include high impact, extreme temperatures and submersion.

The tool case combines the flexibility of 7 removable tool drawers (6 shallow and 1 deep) designed for a multitude of configurations with the mobility and benefits of a Pelican Protector Case™. Additionally, the top compartment features a removable utility tray and a lid that opens 180 degrees to create a mobile workspace, capable of holding up to 23 kg of weight.

The company’s products are available in South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania and other countries.

According to experts in the company, more industries are changing from regular cardboards and wood cases that can only be used once, to reusable and bespoke/customized packaging as Pelican Cases, which are lightweight, watertight, heat- and impact- resistant and crushproof, offering equipment the best possible protection for transport and repeated use.


Pelican Products S.L.U.

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