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The company is recognised as an international leader in the field of integral crystalline concrete waterproofing, total concrete protection, and repair. Over the past 40 years the Penetron suite of products has established its reputation by meeting the most demanding job specifications around the globe. When applied as slurry, even from the negative side, it penetrates up to a meter deep into the concrete. It closes and seals all pores and capillaries up to 0.4mm. It is ideal for existing structures and concrete rehabilitation.

The company was founded in 1979 by Robert J. Revera, a veteran of the concrete sealant industry who imbued ICS/Penetron with a strong commitment to high technical standards. As such their formulations undergo continuous refinement through the integration of the latest materials research as well as input from construction professionals in the field.

Their products include; Penetron Slurry, Penetron Admix, Penebar SW55, Penecrete Mortar, Peneplug, Peneseal Pro, Peneseal FH, Seal Coat accompanied with their amazing services of technical and on-site support being offered free of charge as well as providing tailor-made construction details in CAD format to assist the professional team in providing a durable, maintenance free and cost effective building/structure to their clients. All their products are approved applicators, non-toxic and have NSF certification to prove it, along with a 20 year warranty.

Their suite of concrete protection products is fully imported from their state of the art manufacturing plant in Allentown, New Jersey, USA approved for use in over 90 countries. Their products have become the world standard for crystalline concrete protection. Penetron SA has been operating actively in and around South Africa for the past 5 years. Their awareness in South Africa has grown exponentially due to the fact that the professionals in the design and construction industry have noticed that their System cost effectively protects, waterproofs and increases the lifespan of concrete structures.

They also provide free maintenance for concrete waterproofing and protection solution. In South Africa continue to define dependability and excellence in protective concrete treatments for engineers, architects and builders. The versatility and effectiveness of the Penetron System has been demonstrated across a wide spectrum of critical applications including nuclear reactors, chemical storage facilities and mass transit tunneling projects. The products adhere to the highest standards of environmental and ecological compliance, reflected in the numerous aquarium and reservoir projects in the company’s portfolio.

At the production level, the exacting quality control process at their state-of-the-art blending facility has earned them ISO 9001-2000 certification. Their suites of products are all NSF approved and carry a 5 star Green rating through Eco-Specifier. Their products are solely distributed by Akhupheli Construction Products (Pty.) Ltd. and free technical support is available throughout Southern Africa. Their products are available in the whole of Southern Africa and in the neighbouring African countries.


Penetron South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

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