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Rhino Equipment is a North American company that has one of the most complete lines of machineries in the market such as: Dozers, Backhoe, Excavators, Motor graders, Wheel Loaders, Compactors, Skid Steers, Tower – Cranes, Hydraulic Hammers, Generators and accessories for construction, demolition, mining and power generation. They have more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing, production and commercialization of products. Rhino Equipment is one of the world’s top manufacturers of machinery and construction equipment.

They are focused on producing quality equipment that delivers the efficiency, return on investment and cost-effectiveness that today’s value-conscious customers require. Their RHINO products can be found in many countries in Africa such as Libya, Ethiopia, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, South Africa and many more.

Their machinery is easy to maintain, easy to service, without that much technology which makes them easy to operate and also lower the operational cost. They also use worldwide known components like Cummins, Perkins, ZF, and Carraro, which adapts perfectly to any environment. They offer excellent after sales service which is considered one of the most important aspects in maintaining client investment.


Rhino Equipment
Giacomo Guzman
Junior Sales Executive
[email protected]

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  1. We operate a not for profit school for American VETS in Inverness ,Fl . We teach backhoe operation, maintenance like changing motor oil, and all other fluid as , the importance of proper tire air pressure, digging plans, loading onto trailers. We have good paying jobs as soon as they graduate .
    Only problem now is our our donated JD 410 was stolen 4 weeks ago and we can’t find one that’s worth the asking price so our Board has developed a budget to purchase at least one new backhoe.
    If you have one that is fully equipped with a 4 in one, 24” or so backhoe bucket, enclosed with air that we can afford we will be happy to put your name all over it. Our school depends on the help we get from manufacturers. Thank you for your time, Gunny Wheeler

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