Ryce East Africa Ltd: Authorized distributor for KOHLER ?SDMO(France Made) Power Generating sets for Entire Kenya

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Established in 1949 formerly known as Ryce Motors Ltd in Nairobi, Kenya. Ryce East Africa Ltd has grown rapidly over the years and opened up shop in 1995 for the lead distribution of KOHLER-SDMO Power Generating sets range from 1 Kva to 4200 Kva. This is achieved from their partnership with KOHLER-SMDO which is a world-class energy solution provider. They provide services for a diverse client base from major companies production industries, Infrastructures, Hospitals, data centers, Shopping Malls, super market chain outlets etc… 

They offer a variety of services that include: site survey, installation and commissioning, service and Emergency breakdown attendance and also have spare parts for the power generators. 

The KOHLER-SDMO DG SETS have a number of features that make it the preferable generator for use by most companies. These features include: 

Kohler-SDMO Generators are able to sustain more block load (Step load) up to 75% and very much suitable for critical load applications. They are also supplied with PLC Based APM 303/ 403 & APM 802 command and control module for accurate response during synchronizing and load sharing and with RS 485 port for BMS compatibility. The Kohler-SDMO Generators with APM control module have the remote Monitoring Facility via RS 485, telephone network, GSM mobile telephone network and direct remote control for PC as well.

The Kohler Generators are also equipped with special Neoprene Vibration mounts inserted between the engine, alternator and base frame. This feature totally isolates the Base Frame from vibrations. As a result ensures that all the components like Radiator, Air cleaner, Genset control panel and Batteries that are mounted on the Base frame are free from vibrations and provide long service life to them without any vibration related failures.         

Why do customers choose Kohler-SMDO GenSets?

Optimized Sound Level- the generators are perfectly designed sound proof enclosures by using high quality fire retardant foam with less sound pressure.

Reliable Power- With effective cooling system enables the generator to maintain its rated power output even under extreme weather conditions.

Fuel Consumption– Significant fuel savings as they have less operational expenses thus cost effective for the customers. 

Compact in Size- the generators are adapted to fit restricted spaces

Synchronization In built Feature– Reduce panel floor space and cost of panel

Meets International Standards- Approved in line with most stringent standards and suits for the sudden impact loads & Load surges to withstand lift loads. The customer is also assured of their safety due to use of quality parts. 

Customer satisfaction 

To meet their customers demand Ryce East Africa Ltd constantly upgrades the skills of their workforce through in house and onsite Job training by SDMO.

They also offer training seminars to potential clients every year at their premises so that their clients are able to get in touch with modern trends. 


Ryce East Africa Ltd is the Authorized Distributor for WOW SOLAR (UK), an industry leader with track record of rolling out state of the art Solar Solutions globally to provide Total solar power solutions for your Captive Power Requirements.

Ryce East Africa Ltd is also the Exclusive Distributor for ELGi-Air Compressors  to offer “Total Compressed air solutions” for entire Kenya. ELGi Air Compressors is the total Compressed Air Solutions providers  with State of Art Manufacturing facilities and (Prestigious DEMING AWARD WINNER for (Total Quality Management) They have a wide variety of compressors with oil filled & oil free screw compressors, reciprocating type, diesel powered compressors.




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  1. Hye,i bought a two wheel tractor from china with a kohler engine,and engine has a knock.i talked to china people and they said that kohler has international warranty.you are the agents in kenya,can you help me on this issue

  2. I am looking the service parts and overhaul kit for KOHLER GEN SET.
    SERIAL : 3015696

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