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Samsung Digital Air Solutions-For Ultimate Air Care

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has been manufacturing air conditioning systems for almost 40 years.This is while utilizing the latest technology and striving to produce the most outstanding, innovative, efficient and reliable systems in the market today.

Increase in construction coupled with global warming and urbanization has propelled the African region to emerge as a key potential market for commercial air conditioners. this has been propelled by the necessitating a growing need for energy efficient air conditioners for cooling as well as improving the quality of indoor air.

Eco-friendly gas and smart management

Confirming this, Jung Hyun Park, Samsung Electronics East Africa Vice President and Managing Director, says, “Air conditioning technology continues to move toward an ideal home cooling solution. Customers are now able to control the air conditioners and other home appliances with their mobile phones. To remain relevant in this field, Samsung has also come up with eco-friendly gas as environmental awareness continues to grow in developing countries. This has prompted increase in sales for the units with low ozone depletion potential.”

To meet the demand, Samsung has expanded its horizons of business to smart management and controls. Clients or Contractors quickly determine system refrigerant measurements without disconnecting or attaching anything to the unit. “Our products have a knack of  detecting any fault in the system and acting accordingly. For example, when there is a leakage in the system, the system automatically pumps down the gas to outdoor units and shuts itself down. This eliminates loss of refrigerant gas as well as prevents damage to the ecosystem. Additionally, the system is monitored effectively with convenient web-based data access and management from anywhere,” said Mr. Park.

Circular Cassette

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To deliver superior service in Air Conditioners, Samsung has introduced innovative products into the market. For instance, the World’s First True Circular Cassette with an innovative 360 degrees airflow that ensures optimal air conditioning and eliminates dead zones. The A/C’s circular design allows it to be placed beautifully on any setting since it blends with any décor. It comes in two distinct styles, that is a fully circle fascia panel and a square-round fascia panel. The 360 Cassette have both black and white fascia panels available.

Additionally, to successfully improve energy efficiency and good indoor environmental quality, the firm has commercial air conditioners that provide word class energy efficiency and the most powerful cooling and heating performance available in the market. The Samsung VRF has the world’s largest capacity of 30HP for the outdoor unit. This provides the ultimate heating and cooling capacities while optimizing space with efficient design.


According to Mr. Park, an essential factor in maintaining efficiency is regular maintenance. As he clarified, regular maintenance is important for the Air Conditioner to operate efficiently as required. During maintenance, filters and coils are washed and drain pipes flashed to remove any accumulated debris. For optimum results it is recommended to service air conditioners quarterly.


“Samsung as the major air conditioning manufacturer has a responsibility to take a lead in training. It is in everyone’s interests to improve skills and the level of professionalism and competence across the industry.” says Mr. Park. The firm has made training one of the key strategic priorities for the company; for instance, it has ten global headquarters, with research centres and design centres in different regions in the world. It is not just lip service; the manufacturer has invested significant sums in training, infrastructure, research and development, and this continues with a number of fresh initiatives that put training and skills at the centre of its approach to the market. This aids engineers and technicians in  improving  their skills and also understanding our products,” he added.

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Consequently, Mr. Park urges clients to work closely with distributors since Samsung coordinates with them not only in training but also by offering full package services. This aims to cut production lead times. “I encourage clients to seek services from our partners because it is easier to follow up and they are on the ground, thus they understand the market needs,” he advises.

Purchasing an air conditioner

“An air conditioner is a considerable investment that investors don’t make very often.  Any investor should ensure that they spend their money wisely, and their system will serve them well for years to come. Every investor is different and they all have different needs when it comes to choosing an air conditioner. Thus if clients are about to buy an air conditioner, it behooves them to keep in mind energy efficiency, use, room size and the interior design of the rooms,” he added.

The company has a highly experienced team with a training center that is equipped with the latest technology. “We have a team of engineers who work closely with consulting engineers, architects, contractors and clients to design their air conditioning requirements free of charge. We are always there to support our customers in designing, during installation and commissioning,” he affirms.

The Samsung Electronics East Africa regional offices are located in Nairobi, West End Towers, 3rd floor, Waiyaki Way, Westlands; with the headquarters in South Korea.



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