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Harnessing wind energy does not usually follow the conventional route, especially with the latest developments and technology.

Saphon energy is a Tunisia-based cleantech specialist in wind energy research and development. Their latest innovation is The Saphonian, a zero-blade converter that targets to generate efficient and cost-effective green energy without use of blades. The technology is patented and is in the process of being registered in 70 countries around the world today.

The Saphon technology involves the use of bladeless and rotationless sail-shaped body that replaces whole rotating system (blades and hub) in the conventional wind turbines technology. The Saphonian Zero-blade wind converter will not rotate! The idea is a following back and forth 3D knot motion which has a design inspired from sailboat.

The Biomimetic-compliant system is not just used because of revolutionary mentality; it has attached benefits, including ability to capture twice as much wind kindetic energy as a 3-blade conventional turbine will do. It proves that it can produce 2.3 times output efficiency compared to conventional blade turbine. In addition, it is 45% cheaper to manufacture since the expensive blades, hub and gearbox have been removed. Instead, a cheaper sail and a hydraulic system is used. It is also used as a power storage thanks to the hydraulic accumulators, making it ideal for remote and off-grid locations. A hydraulic generator is used to convert energy pressure to electricity. Another advantage is that it helps achieve limited airwaves and radar disturbance and thus quiet and bird-friendly.

The company is in the process of considering partnership options to introduce the latest innovation, the industrial 4th prototype version of the bladeless wind energy harnesser. They hope to introduce it in market by 2015. The company, last year, received the “Best Idea” category in the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award 2013


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