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Sika Kenya Limited located along Mombasa Road in Nairobi, Kenya was established in 2011. The company has grown over the years and made a mark for itself to become the leading manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals in the country. As a result the company has become among the international brands that deal with construction chemicals and has the biggest market share across the region.

Sika’s Target market cut across various aspects in the construction industry. They involve: Concrete, Waterproofing, Roofing, Flooring, Sealing & Bonding, Refurbishment, and the Motor Vehicle Industry.

Majority of their products are locally manufactured although some products are imported from their sister companies in Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia. They also have a chain of distributors who sell their products and at the same time they sell directly to projects.


Sika Kenya provides various products for companies in the construction industry. These products include;

  • Tile adhesives and grouts – Sika Ceram 100 GP / Sika Ceram Tile Grout
  • Waterproofing systems – Sika Seal 105 / Sika Top Seal 107 / Sika Waterbars / Sika Swell Profile
  • Concrete admixtures – Sikament NNG / Sika Viscocrete 3088 / Sika Paver 1C+
  • Flooring systems – Sikafloor 161 / Sikafloor 263 SL / Sikafloor 264 / Sika PurCem 21N
  • Refurbishment products – Sika MonoTop 615 HB / Sika MonoTop 610 / Sikadur 52 Injection /Sikadur 31 CF
  • Sealing and Bonding products – Sika Boom S / Sikaflex 11 FC / Sikaflex Pro 3 / Sikaflex 221
  • Grouting – Sika Grout 212 / Sikadur 42
  • Roofing – Sikalastic 560 / SikaRoof MTC systems

Sika Kenya has taken part in various important projects in Kenya. Currently, they are supplying products to affordable housing project along Park Road, wind park project in Kipetu, residential and commercial projects (GTC) and several others.

Despite all these great attributes Sika Kenya has faced various challenges related to the construction industry. These obstacles include:

  • The rising cost of raw materials across the country is a big obstacle.
  • The market has also been flooded with cheap and low quality products.
  • The exchange rates have also not been very fair across the country.
  • Government regulations have also been very strenuous.
New Products

Despite the obstacles they face, Sika Kenya is able to introduce new products into the market. Recently they have introduced polyurethane flooring systems that have a very good chemical resistance, high mechanical resistance and VOC free.

The quality of products together with the technical support that is on site, which is provided for free, are the main reasons which put Sika products to be the first choice when it comes to construction business. At the same time Sika Kenya ensures that every year they introduce new products in the market thus customers are able to move with the ever changing trends in the construction industry.

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