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SolTech Energy is a Swedish company that offers energy solutions for individuals and commercial property owners. Its products include both heat and electrical solar energy, with the possibility to install both under a unique glass tile roof.

SolTech Power combines a traditional roofing system with solar energy production, providing your home with electricity. The traditional roof tiles are replaced with SolTechs unique glass tiles, under which photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are installed to generate electricity.

SolTech Sigma is using the same unique glass tiles, but with solar panels producing fluid based heat to warm a building with a water based heating system, and also to warm tap water. SolTechs glass roof tile does the job of a traditional roof tile. Its design enables it to be fitted together with traditional concrete tiles and roofing accessories.

The benefits are:

·         Built-in solar energy

·         Attractive looking roofs

·         Easy to keep clean

·         Protects the solar panels

·         Possibility to combine solar heat and solar electricity production

SolTech Supreme is a system producing electricity with thin film solar panels. These panels are made from black flat glass. They are better than traditional polycrystalline solar cells, as they are less sensitive to high temperatures, and more efficient in producing electricity in diffuse light, such as a cloudy day.
La Diferencia

The SolTech Supreme ST, where ST stands for Semi Transparent, are transparent thin film glass panels that can be used as windows, glass walls and sun shading roofs. They protect from the sun and still allow you to see through them. And they produce electricity! They are available in different grades of transparency, from 20 to 80 %. A unique solution that allows you to reduce heat and produce electricity with the same glass window.


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