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In 1994 Teragren pioneered the bamboo building materials industry in the United States, Bringing to market furniture-grade bamboo Panels, Veneer and Worktops, as well as PureForm™ Traditional and Xcora™ Strand bamboo flooring.

Teragren products are designed and developed to rigorous quality and sustainability standards. All Teragren products are strictly managed and certified for superior indoor air quality, contributing to healthy home, school and work environments, and contribute to certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® rating system in one or more categories.

Recognized as a sustainable business category leader— named by Inc. Magazine as one of “The Green 50” companies setting the standard for environmentally friendly business— Teragren has built a reputation on high-quality, premium bamboo products and is committed to upholding those standards through third-party certifications and regular, independent quality testing.
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As the designer and developer of all Teragren products, the company seeks perfection in what it brings to market. Experts in the company rigorously specify that Teragren products have an impressive environmental pedigree that takes into consideration the health of the planet, as well as human health and the health of homes. The company invests in high quality materials that produce a high quality product, and backs it up with a 25 year residential/10 year commercial finish and Lifetime Structural warranties.

The company has distributors in Kenya and South Africa.

Experts in the company advice clients to understand what makes for a good bamboo product – they may “all look alike” but the quality and the companies providing them may not be. The quality and consistency in harvesting, milling, and color vary widely from company to company. Teragren, as a leader in the industry, tries to educate consumers of the great attributes of bamboo when manufactured correctly.

Strand bamboo has been the preferred bamboo in the last few years and will continue to lead over traditional grain bamboo. In part due to the increased hardness and the exotic wood-like appearance. The use of bamboo architectural grade panels has been increasing with uses as cabinetry, countertops, wall finishes and furniture construction being the predominant applications.



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