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Tororo Cement Limited

Dedicated to providing dependable quality products Tororo Cement Limited, the largest manufacturer of cement in Uganda producing an estimated 1million metric tons annually has expanded its cement manufacturing capacity, and installed a new cement grinding mill plus rotary packers with modern state of the art technology.

The company was established in 1952 by the British Colonial Government, to manufacture cement from the abundantly available limestone in the area around the Eastern Ugandan town of Tororo.

The company, then known as Uganda Cement Industries (UCI), was administered as a parastatal company, under the umbrella of the Uganda Development Corporation (UDC).

In 1995, the Government of Uganda, divested from UCI, and the company got acquired by the present owners who re-branded the company as Tororo Cement Limited. Tororo Cement under the new management has become the leading and largest manufacturer of cement in Uganda.

Following its privatization, the new Tororo cement management has given a new look to the Ugandan cement industry.
The company is administered and operated by a fully experienced and qualified professional team of managers, staff and skilled working force.

Different types of cement are produced to satisfy the needs of all customers. In addition Tororo cement also produces  and distributes various construction steel- corrugated iron sheets, nails, chain link, barbed wire under the reputed brand” NYUMBA. The Company hgt;

Quality control & quality assurance activities
Quality control & Quality Assurance is one of the most important activities for any manufacturing industry. Tororo Cement is fully committed to serve its customers with consistent quality cement conforming to National/International standards or as specified by the customer. Tororo Cement has been a leader in the industry in Uganda as far as quality is concerned.

To achieve this, the following activities are carried out at every stage of manufacture to obtain the best possible quality. The laboratory utilizes QCX system for Quality Control. The system comprises of a 10 channel simultaneous XRF/XRD Analyzer and software. It also utilizes a PXP Expert system for operation.

Material sampling at quarry & analysis:-
The mined material at quarry is sampled and analyzed continuously using an XRF Analyzer and the required quality is fed to the pile.

Material sampling and analysis in pre blend pile:-
Continuous material sampling and analysis of the material being fed to the stock pile is carried out ensure it meets the set targets using XRF/XRD.

Material sampling & analysis at raw grinding:-
The sampling at this section is done through semi-automatic auto samplers, which provide a composite sample for the duration of operation. The sample is analyzed in the XRF/XRD analyzer and correction, if required, is sent to the weigh feeders automatically by the software. In addition to this the PXP expert system controls the physical parameters like residue automatically.

Material sampling & analysis at outlet of raw meal silo:-
The material sample is collected bi-hourly and analyzed with XRF/XRD analyzer for proper feed back to the operator.

Material sampling & analysis at pyro processing:-
Hourly samples of clinker are extracted and are analyzed on the XRF/XRD analyzer. The results are fed automatically to the PXP expert system, which takes appropriate actions automatically, if any is required. In addition to the XRF/XRD analysis, the PXP system incorporates several control like O2, CO, Nox etc to keep the process stable, thus keeping the quality stable.

Material sampling & analysis at coal grinding:-
Semi-automatic samplers are deployed for sampling and analysis for ash, residues, volatile matter and calorific value, once a day. Periodically, proximate analysis is also carried out. The coal mill also utilizes PXP expert system for stable operation and quality.

Material sampling & analysis at finish grinding:-    
Semi-automatic samplers are deployed at the finish mill for sampling and the analysis of the composite samples for Blaine, residues are carried out and the chemical analysis carried out on XRF/XRD. The mills also utilize the PXP expert system.

Material sampling at dispatch:-
Manual sampling is carried out and the analysis for Blaine, residue and chemical are carried out.

Physical tests of cement.
After cement sampling is done both at the packing plant and distribution outlets; tests for physical properties of cement are carried out to ensure compliance with set internal company standards and the national quality standards according to UNBS. These tests include:-

Standard consistency using Vicat apparatus

Initial and final setting time using Vicat apparatus

Soundness/expansion using Lechatelliers apparatus

Fineness/Blaine using Blaine apparatus

Compressive strength using a compressive machine
In addition to this, there is a fully fledged chemical laboratory equipped with flame photometer, Bomb-calorimeter, ovens and basic titration apparatus. A lab crusher and ball mills are also used for sample preparation.

The management has undertaken expansion and modernization programs in phases. The present management since 1995, invested  more then US$100 million in phases, to upgrade the Clinkerzation plant, expand (with updated  technology) the Cement-grinding, storage and electronic packing system.

The Company has expanded its Cement grinding capacity to two million tons per annum with three new storage silos to store and supply different types  (OPC, PPC etc ) of cement. The modernization of Clinkerization process with updated environment pollution (Cooler ESP, and Beg filter Plants) control equipments has also been completed.
The company has also undertaken for the first time a major expansion , diversification in the steel section with the aim of adding profile  and new innovative colored iron sheets to the Ugandan market.

Social economic contributions

Employment opportunities
Tororo Cement employs 900 under direct employment and provides about 16,000 indirect employment opportunities  in the area. This is in addition to the mining operations in Kapchorwaha and Moroto district.

The company is among the few big contributors (approx 100 Billions) to Uganda Revenue Authority paying about Ush 100 billion  towards direct/indirect taxes, mineral duties etc. and approx Ush 50 Million per annum to various local governments. Uganda Revenue Authority recognized & awarded Tororo Cement an award for compliancy.

Direct assistance
Tororo cement actively takes part and contributes direct financial assistances and building materials to various district- local govt. and national projects.

Other assistance includes;
•    Construction of Bridges/ culverts/ roads,school,dispensary in Karamoja area.
•    Tution fees/sponsorship of higher studies for Karamoja needy students.
•    Tororo district- Building renovation, Road repairs.
•    Food stuff for internally displaced people at Tororo
•    UWESO for HIV project assistance
•    Assistance to Busiro North Dev. Foundation
•    Drinking water natural springs at six places in Tororo district.
•    Repairs and maintenance of the school in the Osukuru sub county.
•    Construction of Public Health Clinic for the local community.
•    Running the Health Center for the community and distributing Mosquito nets on regular basis to Expectant/Pregnant mothers.
•    Proposals:
– to construct a secondary school for the community in Osukuru sub county,Tororo.
– to distribute staple diet to poor and needy school students in the  Moroto, Tororo district.
– to launch the mobile health unit for the primarily health services in Karamoja region

Just like any other company, Tororo has had its share of challenges.
There are perceived challenges posed by the East African integration (common market). In addition Uganda being a land locked country has meant dependance on importation of major inputs (fuel, minerals, stores, spares etc.), this poses high conversion costs. To mitigate these challenges the expansion plansare intended to optimize production with competitive cost.

Unstable, quality electric power and the high cost of fuel is another concern. However Bujagali Hydro Power Station and positive developments in oil discovery and refinery investment plans offer hope of lower fuel costs.

Skilled manpower, and infrastructure need to be imporved and positive steps by the State to improve on road network, availability of skilled man power, banking telecommunication; rapid industrialization etc would have a very positive impact on our industry.

Tororo Cement is obliged to manufacture and market building material to satisfy the customers through consistent quality products with effective quality management system, in time delivery and effective after sales services.

We also ensure that personnel and all the stake holders in the organization are committed to the quality management system aims with ongoing training and education.


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  1. am here to say thank you for your endless assistance to the communities where you operate and great products on market, not forgetting the opportunities and exposure you give to students like me in tertiary institutions.


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