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The company was founded in 2008 by Nick Blitterswyk, and has provided solutions in 90 countries around the world. They have changed the way the world uses distributed renewable energy by addressing the world’s various energy challenges with innovative solutions. UGE integrates best in class solutions to minimize energy costs, increase reliability, and attain sustainability objectives.

UGE provides the only comprehensive distributed renewable energy solutions with the necessary versatility, durability and energy security to be implemented across the range of challenging environments their enterprise clients face. They designed and created the most durable and versatile vertical axis wind turbine, bring together financing and supply chain expertise to develop best-in-class solar systems, and lead the industry in remote monitoring and control and power electronics. They have also developed their proprietary site assessment and planning platform, which has allowed them to deploy solutions in 90 countries around the world from their headquarters in New York. Capabilities also include project financing and ongoing operations and maintenance.

They are a committed team of individuals who work together towards one goal: that is making the world a better place. They envision a world where renewable energy is part of the daily lives as they provide the most effective solutions for their customer’s energy needs and provide the best support in the industry. They are dedicated in making sustainable living accessible to even the smallest household or community and become a sustainable company through emissions and waste reductions, sourcing sustainable materials, engaging the community in sustainable practices, and ensuring the longevity of their company and their projects.

They have deployed solutions and works with Partners in several African countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, Cape Verde, Seychelles, and Nigeria. They also seek to expand their reach of renewable energy In Africa.

UGE advises potential buyer to seek value and lifetime support from their provider, not the lowest upfront cost, and they give their customers the best end-to-end solution for their energy needs.

Urban Green Energy
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