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V-Pump is a submersible water pump, capable of moving unwanted water, mud and other liquids at a rate of up to 4500Lt/hr with optimal water pressure. The average output is between 3,025 to 3,400Lt/hr. The pump is small, versatile and extremely powerful.

V-pump has no motor to oil or propeller to break, therefore it requires no electricity. It utilizes water pressure from a standard garden hose to suck mud and water from any flooded area.It can easily be used in the garden or other areas where power supply is not readily available. Having no moving parts, it makes draining dirty water or emptying a pool a worry free activity. No need to worry if pebbles or small debris enter the pump. With Africa having a large number of rural areas, having a pump that does not need to be plugged in to a power source is a big advantage. As well, with the rising cost of electricity, the V-Pump is a welcomed alternative to the conventional electric pump. These unique features make the V-Pump favorable to Africa’s environment.

The V-Pump is suitable for industrial and domestic uses; e.g. emptying swimming pools, hot tubs, ponds, aquariums, trenches, construction sites and flooded areas i.e., flooded rooms/basement.

The company, IntaSafety, is based in Johannesburg and caters to the Southern African markets. V-Pumps are sold at Builders Warehouse and Builders Express stores across South Africa. Retailers in other African Countries are encouraged to contact IntaSafety to stock the V-Pump.

Danny Denburg, Sales personnel, advises potential buyers to opt for the V-Pump which is small; fits in your pocket, easy to use; no buttons, parts etc, and is much cheaper than any comparable electric pump.

Denburg also comments on the emerging trends regarding the product; “people are looking for cheaper and simpler alternatives for everything, whereas electricity prices are on the rise. These two factors make the V-Pump a no brainer.”




Danny Denburg

Sales Personnel

[email protected]

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