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In construction, concrete saving, like saving of any other material, is a great debate. For large construction works, concrete consumption takes in substantial amount of money compared to other materials. This means innovative systems, the so called Innovative Building Technology (IBT) that is structurally sound speed and help save on the material are very welcome in the industry. This is also being witnessed in South African market and demand is likely to grow.

VOIDCON is a permanent formwork system manufacturer. VOIDCON composite suspended slab system comprises of a galvanized steel profile that is laid in position and then concrete is poured on to it. It was introduced in the construction industry in 2004.

VOIDCON manufactures permanent decking, a simple interlocking deck that can be used to support construction loads such as wet concrete. The company also provides Composite Action that acts as permanent shuttering and tensile reinforcement in concrete construction works.

Based in South Africa, VOIDCON is currently available in Namibia and willing to expand to other regions. The company’s products have been helpful to clients in Mozambique, Angola, Zambia and Namibia.
VOIDCON also offers T-Beam system design that provides beams and voids to help reduce large in-situ concrete volumes.

The company’s products helps contractors achieve up to 60% displacement of concrete volumes due to voids, leading to concrete saving. The products also help achieve labour & time saving and require less reinforcement. The products also provide minimal propping and technical support in construction works.

The slab design is ideal for any shape of slab, whether angled, curved or rounded. The material is cut to fit on site. The houses also have improved temperature, sound insulation and good acoustic values. The products are also easy to install and light in weight in nature.

Kennedy Jimba, the marketing director at VOIDCON says “Our primary USP (Unique Selling Point) revolves around Cost saving” He adds, “The client has to get the best of both – a structurally sound decking system that will not compromise structural integrity while at the same time not “breaking the bank”.
The company has participated in various projects, including the Namibia’s Luderitz Waterfront Development Project, provision of a decking system for the to-be-built South African Dedisa Peaking Power Plant – Port Elizabeth.

Kennedy Jimba,
Marketing Director
Email: [email protected]

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